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Force USA Monster G6

8 in 1 Strength Training System

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Versatile, convenient and safe, the Force USA G6 is a mighty edition to an impressive range of Force USA equipment. Combining eight machines into just one compact machine, it is no surprise that the Monster G6 is so popular with personal trainers and home gym users.

Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, personal trainer, performance athlete or just looking to have a great workout from home. The G6 multi-gym provides everything you need to have a great workout.

Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter personal trainer, performance athlete or just looking to have a great workout from home. The G6 has everything you need to have a great workout.

Monster G6 Combo ‚Äď 9 Strength Machines in One!¬†

The Force USA G6 allows you to experience a vast range of workout routines and equipment available at large commercial gyms in the comfort of your own home, all made possible through one versatile and robust machine.

Utilising a pin-loaded stack weight system connected to functional trainer and cable crossover, the Monster G6 offers a simple, safe and fast method of changing weights and features nine reliable machines for an excellent workout every time.

The Monster G6 all-in-one gym includes:

  • Functional Trainer
  • Smith Machine
  • Power Rack
  • Leg Press
  • Chin Up Station
  • Dip Station¬†
  • Core Trainer
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Low Row

Power Rack

A power rack is a must-have in any gym. It allows you to perform compound movements such as squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press and many more.

For maximum safety and comfort the Monster G6 comes with J-hooks and safety spotting arms which are fully adjustable to the 15 different heights to suit users of different heights.

With a maximum weight capacity of 450kg the G6 will allow you to push yourself to your limits safely.

Functional Trainer (Cable Crossover)

The first in the Force USA Monster series to come with built in weight stacks, the G6 has 2 x 90.5kg weight stacks which are easy and safe to alter.

The Monster G6 Functional Trainer allows the user to quickly adjust the weight and includes a wide variety of attachments. Furthermore, the height of each cable can be quickly altered allowing the user to target different muscle groups.

Smith Machine

Also included is a built-in smith machine that is angled for natural body movement.

Release and rerack the weight by simply rotating the bar. This allows the user to safely perform a variety of exercises without the need for a spotter. 

Leg Press

You can quickly convert the smith machine into a vertical leg press thanks to the leg press attachment. This enables you to target the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs. 

Chin Up Station

Built into the frame of the G6 is a multi-grip chin up station with a range of grip positions such as wide grip, close grip, underhand, overhand, neutral a variety of others. 

Dip Station

To perform a variety of dips, all you have to do is attach the multi-grip dip handles to the rack uprights.

The height is adjustable which gives you the flexibility to use weight belts or bands to add resistance or assist you. 

Core Trainer/ Landmine

Also included is the landmine attachment which allows the user to perform a variety of rotational torso training as well as many upper and lower body exercises when using an optional barbell (Barbell Not Included). 

Suspension Trainer Compatible

The Monster G6 comes with a suspension trainer ring attached to the chin up bar which is compatible with TRX and other suspension training systems. (Suspension Trainer Sold Separately)

In The Box:

  • 2 x 90.5kg Weight Stacks
  • Spotter Safety Arms
  • J-Hooks
  • Leg Press Attachment
  • Multi-grip Chin Up Bar
  • Multi-Grip Dip Handles
  • 2 x Olympic Lock Collar
  • Lat Pull Down Bar
  • Knee Support for Lat Pull Downs
  • Functional Training Bar (Short)
  • Suspension Belt Stirrup
  • Landmine/ Core Trainer
  • 35 Exercise Chart
  • 2 D-Handles
  • Spade Grip Lat Pull Down Bar
  • Close Grip Rowing Handle
  • Short Straight Shiver Bar
  • EZ Grip Tricep Pushdown bar
  • Tricep Rope
  • 4 x Band Pegs
  • 6 x Weight Plate Holders (Standard and Olympic)
  • 8 x Accessory Storage Hooks
  • Abdominal Belt
  • Suspension Training Ring
  • Small Grip Frame Bar
  • Sport Handle
  • V-bar
  • Metal Stirrup Handles
  • Pull-down Knee Holder
  • Barbell Storage
  • 6 x Olympic Spring Clips
  • 2 x Extension Chains
  • 4 x Spring Snap Clips

Product Specification for the G6 by Force USA

  • Product Dimensions (Assembled): 185cm (W) x 166cm (D) x 234cm (H)
  • Minimum Room Width: 223cm to load the smith machine
  • Product Weight: 495kg
  • Weight Stacks: Dual 90.5kg (181kg total)
  • Frame: Heavy Gauge Structured Rolled Steel Tubing
  • Protective Coating: Commercial Grade Powder Coat with a Clear Anti-Rust Coating
  • Warranty: 1 Year Moving Parts, 90 Days Upholstery
  • Installation: Optional

Monster G6 FAQs

Q: How does the G6 compare to the G12?

In addition to offering a wider interior working space, the Force USA G12 offers a counterbalanced smith machine bar that counteracts the weight of the bar. The pulley ratio is a 1:1 ratio which means that if you have 100 lbs loaded the resistance is 100 lbs. The G6 is 2:1 which means that if you have 100 lbs loaded the resistance is only 50 lbs.

Q: Does it come with a bench or a barbell?

No, it doesn't. Weight benches and barbells are available for purchase separately on this website.

Q: Does it come with weights?

Yes, it includes 2 x 220 lb. weight stacks for the functional trainer. However, the smith machine requires additional bumper plates available for purchase separately on this website.

Q: What size weights fit this unit?

The barbell on the smith machine uses Olympic plates.

Q: Does the Leg Press attachment come with it?

Yes. The G6’s leg press attachment means you can quickly convert the G6 into a vertical leg press for a comprehensive leg workout.

Q: Can I do lat pulldowns on the G6?

Yes, you can. The G6 includes a knee holder attachment and a lat pulldown bar.

Q: Are the cable crossovers far enough apart to work your chest effectively during flyes?

The pulley uprights are 41 inches apart. The pulleys freely rotate on the uprights so if you stand outside of the cage you can effectively start your flyes at a wider angle as needed.

Q: What is the shipping weight?

The shipping weight of the G6‚ÄĒincluding boxes, packing materials and pallet‚ÄĒis approximately 940 lbs. It is delivered in 2 separate boxes by a freight trucking company.

Q: Can I do squats using the spotter arms or the smith machine?

Yes, you can use both. You can squat with your own barbell using the J-Hooks and Spotter Arms outside of the rack. You can also use the safety hooks and stoppers that are built into the Smith Machine.

Q: What is the pulley ratio?

The pulley ratio is 2:1. This means if you have 100 lbs loaded the resistance is 50 lbs.

Q: What is the minimum ceiling height I need?

The minimum ceiling height to be able to do a full pull-up with your head above the bar is about 8' 4".

Q: Does it come assembled?

No, this unit requires assembly. All necessary tools and instructions are included in the box. However, there are third-party assembly services you can contract with to assemble it for you. Please contact us if you need a recommendation.

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Customer Reviews

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Quality equipment

Hi the equipment is really good. Only issue I thought I was receiving a free massage machine with order

Glad you are enjoying the equipment. The massage gun will be with you in the next couple of days.

Brett A.
Every thing went perfect!

I must say at the beginning I was a little dubious about ordering from Home Gym Supply as I couldn’t find much about them online, but I have to say they were great! I ordered my force G6 and weight bench on the Monday and took delivery of it on the Friday. Fantastic piece of kit and Home Gym supply got it out to me super quick like I asked. The only thing I’d say is it would be nice to be able to talk with someone directly instead of just through email, if I had been able to I would have ordered from them sooner, maybe I’m being just a bit old school. Absolutely recommend them!

Naomi E.
Perfect gift

This is the perfect gift for my husband. He's so happy and thankful for it.

Josh G.
It's so great

Its so great I'm beginning to think I don't deserve to have such machine inside my personal training studio. Man, I highly recommend this one!

Josh G.
It's so great

Its so great I'm beginning to think I don't deserve to have such machine inside my personal training studio. Man, I highly recommend this one!


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