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The Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer has been unleashed, including a world-first interchangeable 2:1 and 4:1 cable ratio, heavy duty steel uprights, dual integrated 130kg weight stacks, 18 attachments, and an optional upgrade kit. This 8-in-1 functional trainer is designed for people who want to improve their strength and fitness training significantly.

The Force USA G15 base unit is a complete commercial gym that fits into a single power racks footprint, including a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Dip Station, Chin Up Station, Suspension Trainer Station, and Low Row - all in the footprint of a single power rack. Why spend more on individual equipment that takes up extra room when you can have it all in one?

Plus, if you choose to purchase the optional upgrade kit, you'll receive three additional strength training station, three functional attachments, a TV mount, and four storage shelves.

Force USA G15 Features

  • 8-in-1 Strength Training System (Base Unit)
  • Interchangeable 2:1 and 4:1 Cable Ratios
  • 18 Functional Attachments Included
  • Dual Integrated 130kg Weight Stacks
  • Optional Upgrade Kit Available
  • Professional Grade
  • 60 Adjustment Points on Uprights
  • 2x2 Uprights
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

Introducing The World's First All-In-One Stack + Plate Loaded Trainer With Adjustable Cable Pulley Ratios

From the eight training stations and 18 attachments included with the Force USA G15 you can perform over 375 exercises using one commercial-grade home gym.

The G15 is the first of its kind, utilizing a unique and patented interchangeable cable ratio system that changes from 2:1 to 4:1 in seconds.

With so many workout stations combined into one. The G15 offers a comprehensive total-body workout without requiring a room full of individual machines. Making it the perfect way to save time, money, and space!


Unique Interchangeable Functional Trainer

The smooth and natural motion of the functional trainer is provided by a unique dual cable pulley system with an interchangeable 2:1 and 4:1 pulley ratio as well as high-tensile aircraft-grade cables (2,000 lb capacity). By engaging the 4:1 ratio you can turn your 130kg weight stack into 32.5kg of resistance and instantly swap it back to a 2:1 ratio - 65kg of resistance.

With just one hand, you can easily adjust the pulleys to any of the 22 available vertical positions- giving you a nearly limitless number of functional training possibilities.

It also has two dual exercise charts with 56 different exercises and 18 attachments, including various bars, ropes, handles, chains, collars, band pegs, and carabiners to help you achieve your goals.

350kg Capacity Smith Machine

Engage the Smith Machine to perform safely perform a range of upper or lower body exercises. The G15s adjustable smith machine with fixed barbell accommodates Olympic weight plates up to 350kg and has an adjustable spring-loaded safety for added safety.

It also includes commercial grade guide rails, linear bearings, and reinforced bushings for ultra-smooth and natural movement. Plus, with 14 re rack levels to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect height for your workout.

Commercial Grade Half Rack

Safely perform compound movements such as squats, bench press, overhead presses and more with the front half rack. Built with commercial-grade J-Hooks and Safeties that may be adjusted to almost any height you might want thanks to the addition of westside hole spacing (1" spacing in the lower half of the rack for bench exercises).  

Removable rubber barbell protector sleeves protect your barbell knurling and help to extend its life. The uprights are made of heavy-duty gauged rolled steel tubing for added strength and sturdiness.

Low Row Station

The Lat Row Attachment, which is 9"x22" and fits on the front of either upright on the rack's front can help improve your back strength. While also being built with a slip-resistant texture and black powder-coat finish to prevent rust.

Massive 450kg Chin-Up Bar Weight Rating

With our ergonomically designed Multi-Grip Chin Up and Pull Up station, you can work on your back, arms, and grip all at once. This device is also heavy duty, with a weight rating of 450kg. The unit has different knurled grip positions to accommodate various grip positions such as wide-grip, close grip...etc.

You can also link your resistance bands to the conveniently placed anchor point, allowing you to power through the most demanding workouts.

Lat Pulldown Station

The lat pulldown bar and knee holder attachments target and strengthen your back muscles for better posture and spinal stability. Simply attach the lat pulldown bar to one of the pulleys, lift it to the top of either rack upright, connect the knee holder to the right level on the same upright, and begin your pulldown set.

Tricep Dip Station 

The Multi-Grip Dip Handle attachments offer a range of options for users, so you can target different muscles and areas by selecting various grips and grip widths. You can also adjust the height of the dips attachment vertically to allow for weighted dips for added resistance.

Easily Store Your Weights And Attachments 

The Force USA G15 comes with storage for two Olympic-style barbells, two standard-size barbells, and eight Olympic weight plate holders to keep your exercise area secure and organised.

5 Star Safety For Complete Workout Confidence 

With confidence, train knowing that every safety precaution has been taken with the G15. This includes smart safe lock and releases, as well as high-quality safety catches, so you won't need a spotter on those big squat and bench days.

What’s Included With Your Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer

  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Long Bar
  • Short Bar
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Tricep Pressdown Bar
  • Close Grip Handle
  • Tricep Rope
  • Single PVC Stirrup Handles X 2
  • Adjustable PVC Stirup Handles X 2
  • Cable extension chains X 4
  • Olympic Bar Collars X 3 (Pairs) 
  • Cable Carabina X 6
  • Band Pegs X 4
  • J-Hooks X 1 (Pair)
  • Low Row Footplate

Weight Ratings:

  • J Hook: 400kg (static test)
  • Safety Bars: 450kg
  • Chin Up Bar: 450kg
  • Cable Rating: 907kg
  • TRX Anchor Rating: 120kg
  • Plate Holders: 150kg
Assembled Dimensions:
  • 204 cm (W) x 139 cm (D) x 222 cm (H)
  • Internal Width: 113cm
  • Height of Pull Up Bar: 208cm

Box Dimensions

The Force USA G15 comes in 3 x wooden crates.

  • Crate 1: Weight: 280kg Length: 225cm Width: 105cm Height: 48cm
  • Crate 2: Weight 135kg Length: 89cm Width: 31cm Height: 17cm
  • Crate 3: Weight 135kg Length: 89cm Width: 31cm Height: 17cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lovely bit of kit

Quick word on service before commenting on the product - it was excellent from start to finish - knowledgeable and helpful advice pre-ordering, quick delivery on day specified and follow-ups to make sure build and product was all OK.

Regarding the product itself - quality is very high. I like a bit of a project so was happy to build myself and after doing my homework before starting (written instructions but also videos on Force USA website) it was relatively straightforward. I reckon it took about 6hrs and I managed it alone - though an extra pair of hands would've been helpful on occasion. Worth saying if you have low ceilings then definitely look at the videos as you may want to re-order some of the build steps.

For me the choice was between this and the G12. For what it's worth I think Force USA actually market this as the upgrade to G12 but the big difference is the 1-to-1 pulley ratio on the G12 vs. 2-to-1 and 4-to-1 options on the G15. The upshot is the G12 will let you lift VERY heavy weights with the quid-pro-quo being larger (5kg) increments at the lower end. Having used the G15 I think it's unlikely I will run out of weight on a single pulley (2 clips connected so 2-to-1). I'm male, late 40s and may get close to using the full rack on seated rows or pull downs but if I do I can always add extra weight with a gym pin. The utility of smaller increments (effectively 2.5kg or 1.25kg) when isolating smaller muscle groups (e.g. tricep pull downs, lateral shoulder raise) is - for me - much greater. The 2-to-1 and 4-to-1 ratios also mean you have more cable length away from the machine which is very useful.

The pulley ratios available and the counter-balanced smith machine also make the machine more accessible for the broader family. Worth saying there's enough depth in the footprint to do incline presses on the Smith machine.

In terms of aesthetics (looks great), weight storage (4 pegs on each side), adjustment increments (60 holes on power rack, 22 pulley height settings, micro adjustments on leg holder and footplates), cable attachments (lots), band peg holes, suspension trainer ring - they've thought of everything - and it seems there are a lot of incremental improvements they've made on earlier versions (presumably responding to client feedback).

The machine itself is very sturdy (as you would expect for something weighing half a tonne!) and the cable motion is very smooth. Also worth mentioning this machine has jammer arms available if that's something of interest (the G12 doesn't).

Minor gripe but I would have liked to have seen the leg press attachment and the core trainer included as standard instead of part of the upgrade kit.

All-in-all, very pleased - this will do everything I need (and more) and will last a lifetime. Definitely worth the investment.

Nice Addition

I’m 45, 5”1”, and 118lbs. Initially I was going to go with the G20, then found some youtube reviews that compared the G20 to the G15. What sold me was the 4:1 ratio. I already had equipment with 10lb increments and it sucked.

Vertical leg press plate and jammer arms. I have no issue attaching these. Yes, the jammer arms are a bit awkward at first, but you get the hang of it. I use the jammer arms to mimic glute kickbacks; wonderful.

I can quickly connect my TRX to the center, no step needed. Storage: the system holds an olympic bar, an easy curl bar or a short straight bar, weights, and attachments.

Do I regret this purchase? Absolutely not. It does what I need it to. I am still waiting for the Force USA mybench to restock. Negatives: need bolts to the mount TV, and lubricant.

Installation. My system is in the garage. I paid for it to professionally be put together (see professional assembly). I waited several days to get assembly scheduled, because no one was in my area. I called and they found someone who would travel to my location (1.5 hr). Intimidating. I saw the complexity of the pieces and parts while my system was being put together; a ton of nuts and bolts. I verbally said, “glad its you and not me”. My installer was here from 8 am to roughly 4 pm putting it together and he was familiar with these systems. Professional assembly; worth my time and money.

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