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The G15 All-In-One Trainer from Force USA has been unleashed, including a world-first interchangeable 2:1 and 4:1 cable ratio. This 8-in-1 functional trainer is designed for people who want to improve their strength and fitness training significantly.

With eight different strength and fitness stations, your comprehensive home gym includes a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Dip Station, Chin Up Station, Suspension Trainer Station, and Low Row - all in the footprint of a single power rack. Why spend more on individual equipment that takes up extra room when you can have it all in one?

Name Your Training And The G15™ Has Your Back

The G15 All-In-One Trainer is highly adaptable and offers complete freedom. Engineered for a wide range of activities, including:
  • Strength and Split Training
  • Bodybuilding and Powerlifting
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Plyometric and Explosive Training

The G15™ offers a lot of versatility. It's capable of separating each muscle group and switching effortlessly between upper and lower body workouts,without the need for any additional equipment. This rig is ideal for both home gyms and fitness centres because of its space-saving design, allowing you to perform over 50 exercises across all training types.

Unique Interchangeable Cable System

The G15™ All-In-One Trainer's revolutionary interchangeable cable system allows you to instantly change the ratio of your resistance wire on the go. This is a truly distinctive feature that allows you to quickly change to a lower resistance and workout with friends and family.

By engaging the 4:1 ratio you can turn your 130kg weight stack into 32.5kg of resistance and instantly swap it back to a 2:1 ratio - 65kg of resistance.

Built To Outlast Every Other Home Gym

This rig is commercial-grade All-In-One Trainer was built with the greatest quality components and is a true masterpiece. The trainer includes:

  • Heavy gauge structured steel tubing throughout
  • Tough PVC and rubber in heavy use areas to increase durability
  • Long-lasting clear coating with anti-rust protection
  • Eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder coating

A Smith Machine Like No Other

Force USA's Smith Bar has the smoothest movement on the market, thanks to some serious R&D. This lets beginners learn the mechanics of any exercise before they start adding weight

The Smith Bar of the G15 also includes cutting-edge knurling for a unique feeling while performing heavy squat and deadlift exercises.

Massive 450kg Chin-Up Bar Weight Rating

The ergonomically created multi-grip Chin-Up and Pull-Up station has a huge 450kg weight capacity. You can build strength and muscle mass with an ultra-comfortable grip by performing wide-grip, close-grip, underhand, overhand, and other grips.

You can also link your resistance bands to the conveniently placed anchor point, allowing you to power through the most demanding workouts.

Easily Store Your Weights And Attachments

The unit comes with storage for two Olympic-style barbells, two standard-size barbells, and eight Olympic weight plate holders to keep your exercise area secure and organised.

5 Star Safety For Complete Workout Confidence

With confidence, train knowing that every safety precaution has been taken with the G15™. This includes smart safe lock and releases, as well as high-quality safety catches, so you won't need a spotter on those big squat and bench days.

What’s Included With Your G15™ All-In-One Trainer

  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Long Bar
  • Short Bar
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Tricep Pressdown Bar
  • Close Grip Handle
  • Tricep Rope
  • Single PVC Stirrup Handles X 2
  • Adjustable PVC Storup Handles X 2
  • Cable extension chains X 4
  • Olympic Bar Collars X 3 (Pairs) 
  • Cable Carabina X 6
  • Band Pegs X 4
  • J-Hooks X 1 (Pair)


Weight Ratings:

J Hook: 400kg (static test)
Safety Bars: 450kg
Chin Up Bar: 450kg
Cable Rating: 907kg
TRX Anchor Rating: 120kg
Plate Holders: 150kg

Assembled Dimensions:

204 cm (W) x 139 cm (D) x 222 cm (H)
Internal Width: 113cm
Height of Pull Up Bar: 208cm

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