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best under desk treadmill

We've all heard of the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The problem is that so many of us spend our working days tied to a desk, and that means little to no activity.

The good news is that the best under-desk treadmills (also known as walking pads) allows people who are confined to their desks a way to take steps to boost their activity levels.

What an under-desk treadmill offers is the opportunity to keep moving and get in some exercise, even while you're working.

At A Glance - Our Top Picks

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      We're going to be looking at the best under-desk treadmills, as we review 6 separate models.

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      Our Top 6 Under Desk Treadmills Available in the UK

      1) WalkingPad C2 (S1)

      WalkingPad C2 (S1) under desk treadmill


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       Maximum Speed 6 kph
      Weight 25 kg
      Dimensions 144.5D x 51.8W x 12.5H cm
      Max. User Weight 100kg


      The WalkingPad C2 (S1) is our top choice as it manages to find the perfect balance between price and quality.

      While there are cheaper options available, the C2 comes with features that justify the slightly higher price.

      For instance, the speed can be adjusted in a few different ways, firstly with the remote control, through the downloadable app or you can set the speed to automatically adjust depending on where you are walking on the deck.

      So, if you are close to the front of the walking deck, it will speed up slightly or if you are close to the back it will slow to match your walking pace and keep you in the middle.

      It has a speed range of 0.5 to 6 kph powered by a 1HP motor which is more than enough power for a smooth walking experience.

      As you would expect from a walking pad, the design is very compact and can be folded to be just 14cm high and has transport wheels to make it easy to move.

      The compact design also means that the machine comes 99% assembled and you just need to unfold it and plug it in to start using it.

      The display on the pad shows your basic workout information such as time, but you can also view your workout data through the app.

      Overall, when it comes with under desk treadmills, WalkingPad are one of the most reliable options and have produced a good quality but still affordable under desk treadmill with the C2.

      See it in action:



      • Comparatively low-cost
      • Foldable for easy storage
      • Quiet motor
      • No assembly


      •  App can be tricky for some users
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      2) CitySport Ultra Slim Walking Pad

      CitySport UItra Slim Walking Pad



       Maximum Speed 6 kph
      Weight 17 kg
      Dimensions 122 cm x 49 cm x 12.1 cm
      Max. User Weight 110kg


      If you are looking for a budget friendly under desk treadmill then we have a good option here from CitySports.

      CitySports are known for producing a wide range of affordable gym equipment that doesn’t compromise on quality. They have a number of under desk treadmill options available but this model is currently the best selling model on Amazon and it is easy to see why.

      It is currently priced about £150 and comes with a speed range of 1 to 6 kph which can be controlled through the remote control or from the buttons next to the display. Although, the buttons on the machine would be hard to use while the machine is running.

      But the display clearly shows your basic workout information such as time, distance, speed and calories burned.

      When you finish your workout, it is very thin at just 12 cm high and  weighs only 17kg which makes it very easy to move when combined with the transport wheels. But the deck isn’t foldable which might be an issue for some users.

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      Overall, if you are looking for a budget under desk treadmill from a trusted brand that will help you walk more steps in a day then it is tough to beat the CitySports Ultra Slim Walking Pad.



      • Fully assembled
      • Top speed of 6mph
      • Exceptionally quiet motor
      • Slim and lightweight design
      • Trust brand


      • Not foldable


      3)    UREVO Under Desk Treadmill

      Urevo under desk treadmill




      Maximum Speed 6 kph
      Weight 25 kg
      Dimensions 127cm x 52cm x 12.5cm
      Max. User Weight 120kg


      Next up we have another budget-friendly option from UREVO.

      Costing about £200, it comes with a strong 2.25HP motor and can reach a top speed of 6kph. Thanks to the strong motor, this model comes with a slightly higher weight capacity at 120kg.

      At the front of the machine is a clear display which can show you your time, speed, distance, steps, and calories burned.

      To control the speed there is a handy remote control which can be neatly connected to the side of the walking pad while you aren’t using it so you don’t lose it.

      The walking experience is smooth and comfortable thanks to the extra silicone absorption they have included. However, there are a couple of downsides to this design.

      Firstly, it can’t be folded so it will take up more room, but it is still only 12.5cm high and can easily fit under a bed or sofa.

      As a result of the non-foldable design, the walking deck is slightly shorter at 105cm long. While this is more than enough room for a good walking pace, it is shorter than our top model.

      However, if you don’t need it to be foldable, then the UREVO under-desk treadmill is a powerful walking pad that will help improve your step count without breaking the bank.


      • Lightweight and easy to store
      • Affordable
      • Remote controlled
      • Powerful motor


      • Slightly shorter walking area
      • Not foldable

      4)    JTX Movelight

      JTX movelight under desk treadmill




       Maximum Speed 6 kph
      Weight 29.5 kg
      Dimensions 143.2(l) x 54.7(w) x 12.9(h)cm
      Max. User Weight 100kg


      If you are looking for a UK-based brand that is known for good quality then the JTX Movelight walking pad may be the one for you.

      When you first power up the machine the large, clear LCD display grabs your attention. It makes it easy to follow all your workout stats such as speed, time, calories, and steps.

      To control your workout, there is a remote control which allows users to effortlessly adjust speeds up to a brisk 4mph, suitable for both walking and light jogging sessions.

      To keep the walking motion smooth and consistent, the JTX Movelight comes with a 1HP motor which is very quiet when being used.

      In addition, the walking deck's 8-piece elastic cushioning system offers exceptional comfort. Plus, as the JTX Movelight isn’t foldable it eliminates the annoying mid-deck joint that you can sometimes feel when walking on some foldable models.

      Last but not least, JTX is a family-run UK business that takes pride in their exceptional customer service which adds extra peace of mind when buying one of their products. Coupled with a 2-year warranty, highlights their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

      This makes the JTX Movelight walking pad a great choice if you are looking for a good quality under-desk treadmill that will last.


      • Great remote control
      • 4 training modes
      • No joint in the running deck for a seamless walking experience
      • Clean minimalist design


      • Not foldable



      5)    Goyouth 2 in 1 under desk treadmill

      Goyouth 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill




      Maximum Speed 9 kph
      Weight 29 kg
      Dimensions 140 x 68 x 16.5 cm
      Max. User Weight 100kg


      The Goyouth 2 in 1 under-desk treadmill offers a blend of power and convenience. Powered by a 2.25HP motor, it delivers a smooth walking experience up to a top speed of 6kph while staying nice and quiet, allowing you to multitask as you workout.

      However, it's important to note it might not suit taller individuals. With a walking belt area of 40cm (W) x 105cm (L), anyone over 5’7” might feel a bit cramped, especially when trying to stretch their legs.

      It seems Goyouth have tried to keep the overall size small despite not being foldable which has resulted in the shorter walking area. However, this may or may not be a drawback depending on your height and preference.

      Next, the LED display is bright and easy to read and tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories. Plus, it comes with 12 workout programs that help to add variety and keep your workouts interesting.

      Despite being the heaviest under desk treadmill in our list at 29kg, it comes with a sturdy frame the feels stable while being used and transport wheels make it easy to move.

      While it might not be the perfect fit for everyone, particularly taller users, its quality and occasional sale price make the Goyouth 2 in 1 treadmill worth considering.



      • No assembly required
      • 12 workout programs to choose from
      • Remote control
      • Quiet motor


      • Not foldable
      • Running belt is on the short side meaning that it’s not suitable for anyone taller than 5’7”

      6)    Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill

      Bigzzia under desk treadmill




      Maximum Speed 10 kph
      Weight 23.5 kg
      Dimensions 120D x 50W x 13H cm
      Max. User Weight 110kg


      Next up we have a model by Bigzzia with a slightly higher top speed of 10kph powered by a 1.5Hp motor which will be perfect for users that want a higher top speed than the models we have seen so far.

      However, there is one downside and that is the running belt area is 39 cm x 102 cm long which when combined with the higher speed can feel quite small.

      This likely won’t be an issue if you are 5’6” or shorter, but if you are taller this could be a problem.

      Nonetheless, it comes with all the features we would expect such as a remote to control the speed of the walking pad and is lightweight at just 23.5kg making it easy to move.

      The LCD display is slightly smaller than some of the models we have seen so far but still tracks all the basic workout information you need such as time, speed, calories burned and distance.

      Finally, we did notice that the motor was slightly louder while being used than the other models in our list. But it is still quiet enough that you can perform other tasks as you exercise.

      While this walking pad isn’t perfect, it may be exactly what some users are looking for with the slightly higher top speed but still has a compact design.


      • Speed up to 10kph
      • Lightweight
      • Easy to use remote


      • Motor slightly noisier than others
      • Short running deck

      What to Look For When Picking the Best Under-Desk Treadmill?

      under desk treadmill in use


      If you're used to the traditional type of treadmill, you'll find that a walking pad / under-desk treadmill is a little different.

      They won't come with some of the features that you'd typically expect from a full-blown version, so you need to think about:


      Size/ Foldable

      The point of a walking pad, for many people, is to find a way of exercising during the times when they’d otherwise be still. That means that the space that it’s used in is usually relatively limited.

      The kit needs to fit in the area that you plan to use it in. Also, the chances are that you’re not going to be using your walking pad all day long. When you’re not, you need to be able to store it.

      That means it needs to be lightweight and compact so that it can be moved, and stored, with ease, unlike traditional treadmills. Some models will even fold, making storage even easier.

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      The majority of under-desk treadmills come with a speed range of between 0.5 mph to 4mph. Bearing in mind that the average adult walks at a pace of 3mph, this range is not going to provide you with the opportunity to get some running in.

      There are models out there that allow for speeds up to 12mph. However, as many walking pads don't come with handles, a 12mph blitz may prove to be a little unstable.


      Quality of Life Features

      Everyone likes features that make life easier. But there are a few key features you will want.

      Firstly a remote control makes changing the speed much easier and is a must-have in our opinion.

      Transport wheels are another great quality-of-life feature and make moving the machine much easier.

      Noise is another important factor to consider, we try to only find machines that are quiet but as a general rule of thumb, the better quality under desk treadmills are the quietest. So if a machine costs a little more, chances are it will be quieter when being used.

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      Final Thoughts on the Best Under-Desk Treadmill

      That’s our look at what we think are the best walking pads on the market. The good news is that there are models to suit a variety of budgets. There are also those that suit people who are just looking to walk, as well as those who want to get moving a little faster. All of these are suitable for use at both home and work, and all of them do the most important thing: they get you moving!