Tunturi Competence S40

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Tunturi Competence S40

The Tunturi Competence S40 comes with lots of challenging programs and 32 resistance levels that are fully adjustable, to give the user as much control as they need. Use the colour monitor to keep track of your workout. This bike has fixed gears for sprint training, so no coasting or freewheeling like on some others of a lesser build quality.

The S40 has a robust frame, a heavy 17KG flywheel for the ultimate workout. With the Tunturi S40 you can cycle, sprint and climb like a real cyclist and improve your performance. Due to the great ergonomic design you will enjoy every workout in total comfort. It comes with the tried-and-tested PMS brake system. Dimensions: 110 x 52 x 120 (L x W x H in cm).

What to Expect

The Tunturi Cardio Fit S40 is the perfect fit for a home user hoping to get into shape. Suitable for up to 3 hours of use per day, this exercise bike is great for people who want to workout in front of the TV or after a long day at work as a way to unwind. 

Tailor Your Training to Your Needs

Adjust your workout with the 32 manual resistance levels. The adjustment wheel is located just above the bottle holder, an easy-to-reach part of the bike during your workout. This allows you to make the needed changes quickly, easily and without fuss. The display will show you your time, distance, speed & calories burned – all of the values you need to make your workout as informative as possible. The display is an easy-to-read LCD layout. 

Adjustable Handlebars & Seat

Since the Tunturi Cardio Fit S40 Spin Bike (see more spin bikes here) is specifically designed for home use, it has taken your needs into consideration. Adjust the seat or handlebars to fully match your own build. This makes your workout as comfortable as possible and allows you to focus on getting in shape. 

Easy to Store

The S40 measures 110 x 52 x 120cm (L x W x H), this makes it compact which will fit easily into any home. Thanks to the transport wheels, located on the front of the bike’s frame, you can move it around without stress. 

Scandinavian Design

Tunturi is a world-renowned name in the fitness industry, with a long history of building quality equipment for home and commercial use. With that in mind, you can rest assured knowing that the S40 is manufactured to the top home fitness standard.


Product Specifications:

  • Permanent magnet & motor based braking system.
  • Vertically & horizontally adjustable seat.
  • Vertically & horizontally adjustable handle.
  • 32 resistance levels.
  • Manual resistance that is easy to adjust mid workout.
  • Adjustable foot straps.
  • Max user weight 135KG (297.7 LBS).
  • 17KG flywheel (39.7LBS) Easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Transport wheels for easy transportation.
  • Comfortable racer handles.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paul Buckle

Received the pedal in a couple of days

Carl Painter

Easy to set up and works well .

Elaine Taylor
So far so good

I did not want to buy any exercise equipment. I'm a gym member and attend 4 times a week for a combination of cardio and resistance training. Last year during lockdown, I started running and managed some light weight training. I hated running.... so boring. But I stuck at it and actually lost weight during lockdown. Even in the November lockdown I kept running. But then the January lockdown happened and I was so depressed, I completely lost my mojo and pretty much did nothing.
Not knowing how long the lockdown was going to last and recognising I had to do something, I started looking at exercise bikes (I'd have liked a cross trainer but don't have the room thanks to my husband having 3 motorbikes in the garage!).
Availability limited choice but this bike received reasonable reviews, tho' it was a couple of hundred pounds more than I wanted to pay.
Bike was well packed. It arrives partly assembled and, as someone with zero practical skills, it took me 2 hours to complete the assembly. There are no written instructions, only pictures. The screws etc are labelled and referred to in the pictures. I didn't experience any difficulties.
If you've got to have an exercise bike in the house, it's certainly a good looking piece of equipment - trust the Scandis for that. It sits in the bay window of a spare bedroom.
There was a worrying few days because the resistance didn't work. Part of the assembly requires electrical connections in the form of pin connectors. I found one connector in particular, difficult - it seemed loose. I assumed I had made the connections correctly since the rpm counter worked. Home Gym, told me to check the connections which I did but the resistance still didn't work.
Horror of horrors - I thought I was going to have to dismantle it, re-package it and return it.
My husband then had a look at the connections. He tried several times without success. About to give up, he tried again and this time heard a slight click and - lo - the resistance worked! (Quite why the rpm counter worked but the resistance didn't when they are part of the same connector Lord only knows).
I have now used it for 20 sessions. It is solid and quiet and the resistance works well. At present the maximum resistance level I use is 24 of 32. I haven't yet used any of the pre-programmed sessions, I've used the manual session.
The manual does warn that the various screws etc will have to be re-tightened but so far it's remained solid.
I don't trust the calorie counter, it says I burn 1,070 calories in a 40 minute session. I tend to halve the number of calories displayed.
The pulse rate monitor is the type where you grip metal plates. You have to wait for circa 45 seconds before it gives a reasonable reading. I use it more as an approximation rather than Gospel.
I'm not impressed with the on-line manual which guides usage of the display and various pre-programmed sessions but it's not a big deal for me.
I will use it even once the gyms re-open since I run for 20 minutes before going in to the gym and I can use the bike when the weather is poor. I'll also use it for 20 minute sessions on 2 of the 3 days when I don't attend the gym.
I'm aiming to get my cost per session down to £3 (currently £30 per session) so I feel I've had my monies' worth!

S Handsaker
Tunturi Competence S40

Super fast delivery, however I was disappointed to discover that you cannot change the resistance level by using the adjustment wheel as described, buyers beware this is just to 'STOP' the flywheel! Overall build quality is good, it's solid, quiet and smooth. I would have given a 5 star review if it wasn't for the misleading description, this needs looking into to avoid further disappointed customers.

kevin hammond
Spin bikes

So far so good

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