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Force USA MyRack

The Force USA MyRack provides an affordable power rack solution combined with a robust structure and innovative design, making it a must-have for any home gym.

As the name suggests, the MyRack places emphasis on personalisation. With 20 attachment options and over 100 possible rack variations, you can choose from a whole host of grips and accessories to build your own custom rack starting from just £469, with free UK delivery included.

Choose from lat pulldowns, barbells and weight plate sets, dip handles, cable crossovers and much more, plus a selection of Force USA benches.

Need help customising a rack to meet your requirements or training plan? Get in touch with our experienced team, or start building your MyRack using the options above.

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    Benefits of the Force USA MyRack

    The Force USA offers a wide range of benefits that have quickly made it a strong favourite within the market.

    Build the Way You Want - 100’s of Different Configurations

    Thanks to over 20 optional attachments, it’s easy to customise Force USA the MyRack to suit your training style. It is possible to create a wide variety of different setups that will help you reach your goals, whether you’re a professional athlete or just looking to improve your general fitness.

    Affordable & Durable

    Starting at just £469, the MyRack arguably provides the most affordable rack on the market, enabling you to build a complete rack over a period of time, thereby allowing you to spread the cost as you don’t need to worry about purchasing everything in one go.

    However, while the MyRack lacks a hefty price tag, it’s still a robust and reliable piece of Force USA equipment that has been produced to the brand's usual high standards.

    Space Saving Design

    Designed for home gyms, the Force USA MyRack is compact and suitable for garage gyms with low ceilings and is perfect for any areas where workout space is limited. It can combine many different machines into one small footprint which makes it ideal for home users.

    Ideal for Low Ceiling Height

    With a height of just 220cm (87”), the MyRack can be stored and used even in locations with low ceiling heights.

    Westside Hole Spacing

    In total there are 54 different numbered holes to choose from with westside hole spacing (1-inch gaps between holes) through the bench press region of the uprights. This allows you to find the perfect height for you while bench pressing and help to improve your lift.

    In the squat region of the MyRack it goes back to the standard 2-inch hole spacings.

    High Weight Capacity (900kg)

    With the base rack weight rated at 900kg, you can rest assured knowing that you can perform those heavy lifts with complete peace of mind.

    Please note: certain attachments have a different weight rating, see below for more information.

    MyRack Available Attachments

    MyRack Deluxe J-Hooks

    Strong and durable, the Deluxe J-Hooks feature a substantial weight rating, with nylon covering the entire face of each J-Hook to protect your barbells. Static weight rating: 1,199 kg / 2645 lbs

    MyRack Monolift

    Push yourself to reach that next PR and perform heavier lifts with the Monolift system – removing the need to move toward or away from the rack with the weight on your shoulders. Static weight rating: 1,199 kg / 2,645 lbs.

    MyRack Box Tube Safeties

    Sold as a set, the easily adjustable Box Tube Safeties come complete with nylon inserts to effectively protect your barbell. Weight rating: 680 kg / 1,500 lbs

    MyRack Spotting Arms

    Protect your equipment and prevent injury while performing heavy lifts with the adjustable safety spotter arms. Weight rating: 453 kg / 1,000 lbs

    MyRack Safety Slings

    Perform even the heaviest lifts with complete peace of mind knowing that both your body and equipment will be protected. Weight rating: 453 kg / 1,000 lbs

    MyRack Monkey Chin Up Bar

    With a weight rating of 399 kg (880 lbs), the Monkey Bar allows you to perform variable grip chin-ups and pull-ups on your MyRack.

    MyRack Multi Grip Chin Up Bar

    Choose the Globe Grip Chin-up Bar to perform grip strength training with two different sized globes. Weight rating: (399 kg / 880 lbs).

    MyRack Cable Crossover (Each Side)

    Perform a wide variety of exercises with ease – with fully adjustable floating pulleys and 28 different adjustment points. Weight rating: 453 kg / 1,000 lbs (each side).

    MyRack Lat Pull Down Seat for Cable Crossover

    Convert your Cable Crossover (sold separately) into a lat pull down unit. Weight rating: 453 kg / 1,000 lbs.

    MyRack Lat PullDown and Low Row

    Perform a wide variety of effective muscle-building exercises including lat pull downs, triceps pushdowns, and low rows. Weight rating: 399 kg / 880 lbs.

    MyRack Knee Holder for Lat Attachment

    Brace your knees securely under foam padding as you perform lat pull downs with the knee holder kit which can be connected to the Lat attachment. Must be attached to the MyRack Pin and Pipe Safeties or MyRack Band Pegs.

    MyRack Dip Handle

    Fix anywhere onto your rack to perform dips to build muscle in your arms and chest. Weight rating: 399 kg / 880 lbs.

    MyRack Core Trainer/ Landmine

    Use the landline attachment to perform a wide variety of rotational torso exercises or use it for effective upper body training.

    MyRack Band Pegs

    Add a wide range of resistance band training options to your MyRack with the set of four 10” powder-coated band pegs.

    MyRack Weight Plate Holders

    Store your weight plates and save space in your home with the pack of 4 weight plate holders for your MyRack system.


    MyRack Base Unit Specifications:

    • 12 Gauge Laser Cut Uprights
    • Dimensions: 220cm (H) x 120cm (W) x 140cm (L)
    • Interior Depth: 73cm
    • Modified Westside Hole Spacing
    • 54 Adjustment Holes
    • Bolt Holes for Optional Bolt Down
    • Lifetime Structural Warranty
    • 900kg Weight Rating

    Product Specifications:

    • Laser Cut 12 Gauge Steel 60mm x 60mm Uprights
    • Product Dimensions: 140cm (L) x 132cm (W) x 220cm (H)
    • Product Weight: 85kg base unit plus accessories
    • Numbered Holes: 54 with westside hole spacing
    • Maximum Weight: 900kg (450kg on Box Tubing Safeties)
    • Warranty: 30 Days Peace of Mind, Lifetime Frame, 1 Year Moving Parts


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Roman G.
    Fantastic piece of kit

    Super happy with my rack and it has been game changing, especially during lockdown.


    Force USA MyRack Customisable Power Rack

    Justin M.
    Great Power Rack

    After doing a lot of research on home gym products I made the choice to go with the MyRack power rack. I'm very happy I did. It saved me over £1,000 in comparison with rogue and it performs the exact same function as a Rogue power rack would. It's not bolted into the ground and it is still very sturdy. I purchased the pull up bar, dip station, weight pegs, safety straps, j hooks and bench. They are all great quality and function well. The bench may be a little high for some but it is a solid bench and the attachments work pretty well. I would recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for a power rack or home gym equipment. Also great customer service. One item wasn't included in the shipment and they shipped it right out no questions asked.

    James E.
    Absolutely amazing!

    All products I have purchased fro forceusa have been very high quality. Easy to install, pulleys are smooth, and the over all equipment strength is commercial quality. Great company and great gym equipment!!

    5 of 5 stars

    I could not be more pleased with my, Myrack. Simple to put together, incredibly fast shipping and the customer service was unlike any I’ve ever seen. I’ve had this piece of equipment for a week and I have began to add on to it and will have the complete set in no time. Hands down would choose this over any rogue rack.

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