Bruce Lee Signature Free Standing Boxing Bag

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Bruce Lee Free Standing Boxing Punching/Kick Bag


The Bruce Lee Signature Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag is a high-intensity exercise option for your home gym. A boxing bag may provide a new element to your routines when combined with your strength and cardio home equipment.

Boxing is a full-body workout that adds variety and enjoyment to your workouts by combining cardiovascular, strength, and endurance components.


Features & Specs

  • 170 cm height
  • Hard wearing shell
  • Base can be filled with sand for stability
  • Free standing
  • The ability to relocate as needed
  • Improve coordination and endurance with a boxing bag
  • Excellent way to make your gym more interesting and diverse
  • Nothing to hang, no chains or brackets required.

The Bruce Lee Signature Punch Bag is entirely freestanding. It needs no brackets, swivels, or chains to mount. This gives you the ability to position the bag where you want it or move it as needed. The bag must be filled with sand in order for kicks and punches to be effective.



Boxing bags are not just for boxers. Many other sports may benefit from the high-intensity workout boxing provides, and it is frequently added to training as a source of variety. Boxing can increase your strength, coordination, endurance, and reaction time. The free-standing punchbag may be used in a variety of ways, making it perfect for kick boxing workouts where a wall-mounted bag might be dangerous.


Intense Cardio Workout

This bag allows you to perform low kicks, high kicks, jabs, uppercuts, and chops while still providing a comprehensive cardio and strength workout. Adding boxing training to your program might help you achieve new goals more quickly.


Top-of-the-line construction

The finest standards of production are used for Bruce Lee products. The bizonyl-coated woven polyester is utilized to make the free-standing punch bag. This creates an extremely sturdy and long-lasting shell.

In addition, as the base is also covered in a protective layer is recommended free standing punch bag for beginners learning to kick without risk of injury.

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• Dimensions: L: 69cm W: 69 H: 170cm
• Weight: 9.6kg (before sand added)
• For: adults
• Colour: black
• Material: bizonyl
• With foot (to be filled with sand)


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Q- Does the base come filled? 

A- No. The base will need to be filled with sand (you can buy this at any DIY or home improvement store).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Danny C.
Plus arrived on time

The punch bag is actually better than I thought it would be for the price.
I’m doing full combat kicks, punches and karlee and the bag holds very well would recommend.
You obviously have to load sand into the base yourself and I think I got about 4 1/2 in

Great! My students love them!

It’s a great bag, I have a martial arts academy and I bought 2 of these and 1 water/ sand filled bag. I’ve had many students training with these bags weekly (socially distanced) and I’ve had 0 issues!)
I bought 2 at the start of the year and by the end of the year they’re still in use!

At first I didn’t know how good they’d be because they were sooo light! But once you’ve assembled them, they’re great!

-They can withstand powerful roundhouse kicks, jab, crosses, hooks etc. Genuinely impressed!
-Easy to assemble, takes some time but beats lugging jugs of water back and forth (We’ve has some awful water based bags!)
-They are durable, they’ve been absolutely beaten up in my dojo and they’re still like I had them in day 1
- You can choose the filling, I used 4 bags of stone (after one reviewer said they’d used it), it does weight it down but it does slowly walk across the room (slightly), so I’ll use sand in my next one
- They can be readjusted. If they do tilt after a while, it’s so easy to just re-thread it though and make it tighter again (I’ve only done this once and never needed to again.)

They will fall over with front kicks, back kicks etc (anything that pushes it) and they will tilt/ slump back on themselves when a lot of power is given, so we’ve had to go for technique and sacrifice power on any pushing movements.....
- They are tough, I wouldn’t recommend punching without gloves unless you want scabby knuckles, but if you’re training smart you’d use gloves to protect your hands/wrists anyways!

I’m actually about to buy another one now, I highly recommend.

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