Spin Bike Maintenance Guide: Tips and Tricks

Spin bikes are a great investment for anyone who is trying to get fit and healthy, especially during winter months when weather conditions are poor outside.

But to ensure your spin bike is always ready for the next workout and safe to use, it is important to carry out some maintenance and give it some TLC from time to time.

So, we are going to run through the top tips to help guide you through how to maintain your spin bike.


Register The Warranty!

First things first, you are hopefully reading this article within the manufacturer's time limit to register the warranty.

Some manufacturers will also extend your warranty if you register the product within the first month.

This will give you peace of mind that if any faults developed, then you should be able to get the help you need to fix your bike.

 If you want to see some spin bikes with good warranties then check out our best home spin bike guide.

Shortly After Assembling Your Bike - Check For Loose Fittings

If you assemble the bike yourself or even if someone else did it for you, it’s always important to check the bike after a few uses.

Quite often when a spin bike is first assembled, certain parts of the machine aren't sitting quite right and it is only once some weight is applied to the machine it will settle into place. But this can cause the bolts to become loose and need re-tightening.

So, we recommend that you check over all the bolts after a couple of uses to check that no bolts have loosened. If they aren't tightened, there is the possibility they could come undone and cause you a serious injury.

If you find certain bolts continuously come loose, then there might be an issue which will need to be raised with the manufacturer.

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Daily Maintenance

Seat Post CleaningCleaning your bike after every workout is essential for bike maintenance. This will prevent sweat and dirt from building up which will help prevent your bike from rusting and keep it working correctly.

You can use a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down the bike but never spray cleaner directly onto the frame. Spray the substance onto a cloth then apply it to your bike gently.

A mixture of soap and water will do a good enough job. Never use abrasive or oil-based cleaning products, as this can damage the paint on the frame.

Also, when using the bike, always be aware of any change of noise coming from the bike as this is often a telltale sign that something might be wrong.

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Weekly Maintenance

Every week, you should carry out a general check on your indoor bike. This is very simple to do and won’t take long.

One of the things you should look out for is a loose bottom bracket assembly.

If you are not sure if they need tightening, grab your pedals and try to move them sideways gently. If they are able to move sideways freely, then you will need to tighten the brackets up.

Check Pedals

Pedals and crank arms will also need tightening regularly so remember to check them weekly. If they are loose they will make a rattling sound and will move very easily.

Also, you should be checking the pull pin frame fitting making sure the fittings are secure. Loose frame fittings can damage the thread and therefore, damage the bike.

Cleaning and lubricating the pop pin assemblies will help keep them nice and easy to use and speed up any adjustments you need to make.

To clean them, you need to pull them out and spray a bit of silcone based lubricant on the shaft.

Lastly, check your seat for any loose parts. To check if your seat is loose just wiggle it with your hand. If it moves easily then some bolts will need tightening.


Monthly maintenance

Firstly, check that all the hardware on the bike is secure. This includes; water bottle holder, flywheel nuts, chain guard bolts, and brake calliper tension rod nuts.

Next, make sure to lubricate the chain on your spin bike. Lubricate the bike chain with any bike chain oil. Do not use any other alternatives such as WD-40 as this will actually remove the oil from the chain.

To lubricate your chain, remove the chain cover and rotate the crank slowly while applying oil on the chain.

Brake Tension RodMoving the chain as you apply the lubricant will help distribute the solution evenly over the chain.

Lubricating the brake tension rod is also important. While your cleaning the brake tension rod, look out for any signs of wear or damage.

Lastly, you need to lubricate the seat post, handle bar post, and seat slider. To do this, untighten the part you want to lubricate and slide it out.

Then apply the lubricant to the post and slide it back in.

Remember to use a lubricant that is designed for your bike. We recommend refering to the owner's manual to make sure you are using the correct lubricant.

When this is all complete give the bike one last look over to double check you haven’t missed anything.

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