Exploring the Different Types of Multi Gyms

The fitness landscape is ever-evolving, with fresh, inventive gym equipment continually making its debut.

Among these innovations, even the classic multi gym has undergone exciting transformations.

Multi gyms offer users the flexibility to engage in a comprehensive workout without the confines of a commercial gym setting. In essence, they transport the gym right to your doorstep.

Given the array of choices at hand, how do you pinpoint the perfect fit for your regimen?

Allow us to guide you through the trio of predominant multi gym categories: Pulley Multi Gyms, Leverage Multi Gyms, and All in One Trainers.


Pulley Multi GymPulley Multi Gyms: The Classic Choice

The Pulley Multi Gym is the most common choice for anyone looking to make a home gym for the first time.

It combines a series of pulleys and typically comes with a chest press/ chest flies option, a high pulley for exercises like lat pulldowns and a low pulley attached to a leg developer but can also be used for low rows.

The core of its resistance mechanism tends to come from a selectorised weight stack at the rear of the machine.

This allows users to adjust weights with ease, tailoring their workout to the desired intensity and can effortlessly perform a variety of exercises.

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Key Features:

Variety of Machines: This system typically comes equipped with a chest press, chest fly, high pulley, and a low pulley which can be used with a leg developer or for low rows.

Built-in Resistance: The resistance in these machines comes from a built-in selectorised weight stack, offering a range of weights that can be quickly and easily adjusted.


Leverage Multi Gyms

Taking a departure from the pulley-centric design, the Leverage Multi Gym offers a unique approach to resistance workouts.

It's a system where the resistance doesn't come from an internal stack but requires the addition of Olympic weight plates.

This design provides a tangible and raw feel to workouts, similar to traditional free weights but has an added level of safety.

The plates are added in specific locations, determined by the exercise you are looking to perform. For example if you are looking to do exercises like squats then the plates will be loaded on the front of the machine. But if you want to do a pull down exercise then you will load the plates on the rear of the machine.

Like its pulley counterpart, the Leverage Multi Gym is versatile, designed to cater to a broad spectrum of exercises and ensuring every muscle group gets the attention it deserves.

Key Features:

Olympic Weight Plates: Instead of a built-in weight stack, these gyms require Olympic weight plates to be added. This means you can add as more weight as you get stronger.

Full-body Workout: Like pulley multi gyms, leverage gyms enable a range of exercises, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.


All in One Trainers: The Swiss Army Knife of Gyms

Some might argue that an all in one trainer isn't really a multi gym, but their multifunctionality is undeniable. It's like the Swiss army knife in the world of multi gyms.

This system integrates multiple gym equipment functionalities into a singular unit, often blending the features of power racks, smith machines, and cable crossovers.

The beauty of this design lies in its space optimisation. Those with limited space but big workout goals find the All in One Trainer a fitting choice.

Some advanced models go a step further, incorporating even more equipment features and are a popular choice at personal training studios where they look to maximise their workout space.

In essence, this trainer promises a holistic workout experience without the need to hop between different machines.

Key Features:

Multiple Machines In One: These trainers are a blend of various gym equipment pieces, often including a power rack, smith machine, and cable crossover.

Space Optimisation: If you're constrained by space but don't want to compromise on the variety of your workouts, these trainers are worth considering.


Which Type is Best?

Selecting the right multi gym boils down to personal preferences, space considerations, and workout goals.

While the Pulley Multi Gym offers a familiar and streamlined workout experience, the Leverage Multi Gym provides a tangible feel with its weight plate system.

Meanwhile, the All in One Trainer is the jack of all trades, ensuring you don't miss out on any aspect of your fitness routine.

To help you decide, check out our guide to the Best Home Multi Gyms which has a variety of different types of multi gyms.

Whatever your choice, investing in a multi gym is a step towards a consistent and effective home workout journey.

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