10 Best Weight Benches for Home Workouts

If you are looking to improve your strength then a weight bench will be an essential piece of your home gym. But there are a variety of options to choose from and finding the best weight bench for your needs can be difficult.

Whether you are just getting started or looking to push your limits, we have created this top 10 list to help you find a home workout bench that's right for your needs.

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What to Look For?


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At Home Gym Supply we have years of experience assembling and testing a wide range of weight benches. We also collaborate with numerous reputable brands to help our readers build their perfect home gym. But we don't just provide information about equipment; we meticulously craft home gyms with products from a broad range of trusted suppliers.

Staying up to date on the latest innovations in the industry is an important part of our process. So, we attend leading gym equipment conventions like FIBO so we get to see all the new releases coming to the market.

As a result, we often get asked to provide feedback and preview new equipment from brands such as York Barbell, BH Fitness, Force USA and more. This allows us to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.


Best Weight Benches - Our Top Picks

1. MiraFit M150 Adjustable Bench

MiraFit M150 Adjustable Bench
44cm (H) x 127cm (L) x 60cm (w)
Product Weight
Weight Capacity


MiraFit is a UK-based company who are well known for manufacturing high-quality strength equipment at affordable prices and their M150 Adjustable Bench is exactly that.

This bench is built with a strong frame which feels stable when being used, even when testing its weight capacity at 260kg. So if you are looking to push your strength limits then the M150 is our top recommendation.

When you are using heavy weights, the M150 is comfortable to use thanks to the thick 60mm pad. Plus, MiraFit has managed to keep the gap between the seat and backrest to just 5.5cm. Whereas, some adjustable benches can end up with an awkward gap between the pads when in the flat position leaving parts of the frame exposed which can be uncomfortable.

Repositioning the bench is easy thanks to the built-in transport wheels and a front handle.

One point to note is that you will need a couple of spanners to complete the assembly process. However, the tools not being included reduces the environmental impact of one-time-use tools which does seem wasteful.

Overall, the MiraFit M150 is a solid bench that will provide a strong base to improve your strength. Although, one extra we would love to see on this bench would be a leg developer/ preacher curl attachment to make it really the perfect home gym weight bench.



  • MiraFit is a UK-based company known for high-quality strength equipment at affordable prices.
  • Strong stable frame test to a 260 kg limit.
  • Comfortable thick 60mm padding.
  • Minimal gap between the seat and backrest (just 5.5cm).


  • No leg developer or preacher curl attachments.

2. Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench

Yoleo Folding Weight Bench
42.5cm (H) x 123cm (L) x 32cm (W)
Product Weight
Weight Capacity


The Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench is Amazon's current top-selling weight bench in the UK, and it's easy to see why.

Priced under £100, it's a budget-friendly option but also comes fully assembled as the bench is foldable. You simply have to unfold the bench and it is ready to go.  And if you are short on space you fold it away again when you have finished your workout.

However, one downside to this compact design is that taller users might find the bench to be a bit short.

While it's stable enough for most workouts, if you are looking to push your limits you might need to invest a little more into a bench that is a bit bigger.

But for body weight or dumbbell exercises, this Yoleo bench is a great choice and won't break the bank.



  • Top-selling weight bench on Amazon UK.
  • Priced under £100.
  • Comes fully assembled and is foldable.


  • Taller users might find the bench to be too short.
  • Wouldn't recommend for very heavy lifting.

3. Tunturi UB80 Utility Bench

Tunturi UB80


42cm (H) x 141cm (L) x 32cm (W)
Product Weight
Weight Capacity


Next up we have the Tunturi UB80 which is a good quality bench from a trusted brand who are known for its great customer service.

The UB80 is foldable like a number of other models in our list, but the UB80 has reached a happy medium where the bench isn't so small that taller users will struggle to use it. But when you have finished your workout you can collapse the bench and stand it up out of the way.

Although its maximum weight capacity is listed at 150kg, it feels stable even when fully loaded and we did slightly overload the bench and it held strong.

The good-quality materials used in the UB80 make the bench heavier than some of the other folding models and add a little extra stability weighing 23kg.

Plus, details like the leg support cushions being covered in the same easy-to-clean material as the bench pad, add a touch of quality compared to cheaper models with foam supports.

Overall, it is ideal for full-body dumbbell workouts without excessive loading and is built to last with high-quality materials.

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  • Excellent customer service.
  • Foldable design.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Easy-to-clean material covers the leg support cushions.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 150kg may not be enough for those aiming for very heavy lifting.

    4. MuscleSquad Adjustable Bench

    MuscleSquad Adjustable Bench

    41.5cm (H) x 134cm (L) x 37cm (W)
    Product Weight
    Weight Capacity


    MuscleSquad is a favourite of ours as they are a UK-based company that produces high-quality home gym equipment and provides excellent customer service.

    The MuscleSquad Adjustable Bench is easy to set up; it arrives in its folded position, and you just need to unfold it and insert the safety pins.

    Priced under £100, it offers good value for money with good quality materials compared to other units in the same price range.

    In terms of adjustability, the backrest has 6 different angles to choose from decline to upright, and the seat has 4 different angles. For decline movements, there is a padded leg support to anchor yourself to the bench for decline exercises which can be adjusted to 4 different heights.

    The high-density foam used in the backrest and seat are both firm for support and comfortable.

    With a weight capacity of 170kg, it's great for dumbbell workouts, though it might not suit heavy barbell bench press sessions.



    • MuscleSquad are a UK-based company with excellent customer service.
    • No assembly required.
    • Great value for money.
    • High-density foam in backrest and seat is firm but comfortable.


    • May not be ideal for heavy barbell bench press workouts due to the 170kg weight capacity limit.

    5. FlyBird Adjustable Bench

    FlyBird Adjustable Bench
    42.5cm (H) x 123cm (L) x 32cm (w)
    Product Weight
    Weight Capacity


    The Flybird Adjustable Bench comes with 6 backrest positions and 4 seat positions, but beware, when the bench is in a decline position it is very steep and likely not great for decline chest exercises. Although it would still be good for ab/ core exercises.

    If you are short on space, then the bench can be folded down to a compact size of 80cm x 32cm x 30cm. Plus, it weighs just 10kg so it's easy to move.

    Despite the lightweight design it is listed as being able to support up to 272kg. I wouldn’t personally want to load up quite that much weight on this bench and would opt for a heavier-duty bench to be on the safe side.

    As we have seen with a few of the foldable bench designs, it requires almost no assembly and only needs to be unfolded before being used.

    However, the compact design does mean that taller users might find it a bit small.

    Overall, the bench is comfortable to use and comes at a good price which is good for dumbbell workouts, but if you are looking to perform heavy barbell work, you might need something bigger.



    • Compact foldable design, measuring 80cm x 32cm x 30cm.
    • Lightweight at 10kg, making it easy to move.
    • Minimal assembly required.
    • Suitable for dumbbell workouts.


    • Steep decline position may not be suitable for certain exercises like decline chest press, but good for ab/core workouts.
    • Compact design makes it a bit smaller for tall users.

    6. Viavito TG500 Multi-Function Utility Bench

    Viavito TG500 Multi Function Utility Bench
    36cm (H) x 188cm (L) x 56cm (w)
    Product Weight
    Weight Capacity


    If you are looking for a weight bench with a leg developer and preacher curl attachment then the Viavito TG500 might be the one for you. The leg developer can be used for leg extensions to target your quads and lying leg curls for your hamstrings.

    You also have the option of attaching the preacher curl pad and handle to the leg developer for preacher curls to target your biceps.

    You can load the leg developer with either Olympic or standard weight plates as there is an adapter sleeve to suit either type.

    The bench's backrest has 5 levels of incline and 3 seat positions, with the backrest ranging from 70 degrees to flat.

    With the extra attachments on the front, the bench comes with a U-shaped front frame which adds extra stability when you have the leg developer loaded with weight.

    The bench has 50mm padding which is comfortable to use plus there is a bit of extra padding at the front of the seat for when you are using the leg developer.

    It's a good all-round bench with the added variety from the leg developer/ preacher curl attachments.



    • Leg developer and preacher curl attachments add extra variety.
    • Leg developer can take both Olympic and standard weight plates with the included adapter sleeve.
    • U-shaped front frame adds stability, especially with weight loaded on the leg developer.


    • Not foldable so you will need a dedicated space.

      7. ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench

      ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench
      44cm (H) x 110.5cm (L) x 36.5cm (w)
      Product Weight
      Weight Capacity


      The ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench is a straightforward adjustable bench with 7 backrest positions which offer a good range of angles from flat to upright so you can effectively target specific muscle groups.

      The seat also has 3 positions to choose from and the leg support can be attached at 3 different heights so you can find a position that is comfortable for you.

      At 26cm wide the backrest is comfortable but provides the support you need while working out. AtivaFit has made the seat slightly wider at 36cm to offer extra stability when doing seated exercises such as a shoulder press.

      A nice extra feature that we don’t see too often on weight benches is the adjustable leveling feet which is helpful if your gym floor isn’t perfectly level and will help stop the bench from rocking.

      If you are short on space, the bench can be folded down between uses and arrives in the folded position so it requires no assembly.

      Rounding up, this is a great option if your flooring isn’t perfectly level and want an adjustable bench for home dumbbell/bodyweight workouts.



      • Good range of adjustable angles.
      • Adjustable leveling feet are great for uneven floors.
      • Foldable design.


      • Weight capacity might not be enough for some users.

      8. Gym Master Heavy Duty Flat Weight Bench

      Gym Master Heavy Duty Flat Weight Bench
      40cm (H) x 110cm (L) x 59.5cm (w)
      Product Weight
      Weight Capacity


      The GymMaster Heavy Duty Flat Bench is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a strong, no-frills option that is affordable.

      Its simple design means fewer moving parts which adds to the stability of the bench in comparison to adjustable benches.

      Built with heavy-duty materials, it has an impressive 300kg maximum capacity so you can confidently push your limits without worrying about breaking the bench. Plus, the bench is 40cm high which we feel is a great height for exercises like bench press.

      Finally, priced under £60 there isn’t much to not like about this bench.

      Keep in mind, that you'll need a 17mm spanner for assembly, but the process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete.



      • Strong durable design.
      • Very stable
      • Maximum capacity of 300kg.
      • Bench height of 40cm is good for bench press.
      • Currently priced under £60.


      • Requires a 17mm spanner for assembly, which is not included.

      9. MiraFit M1 Bench

      MiraFit M1 Bench
      40cm (H) x 110cm (L) x 58cm (w)
      Product Weight
      Weight Capacity


      We have another good option from MiraFit with their M1 Flat Bench. If you don’t need an adjustable bench but just want a strong stable base this could be a great option for you.

      As we expect from MiraFit, the M1 has been built using high-quality materials and has a respectable 250kg weight capacity.

      They have also incorporated extra padding for added comfort but the bench still provides plenty of support.

      Assembly is simple and takes just 5 minutes to complete, but you will need your own tools as none are included. However, we fully support the decision to not include tools as single-use tools seem wasteful.

      Overall, what you see is what you get which is storing and stable flat bench from a trusted UK company.



      • MiraFit is a UK based company.
      • Strong and stable, built with high-quality materials, typical of MiraFit products.
      • Respectable 250kg weight capacity.
      • Extra thick padding.
      • Simple assembly process.


      • Requires your own tools for assembly as none are provided.

      Upcoming Test

      BrainGain FID Bench

      BrainGain FID Bench
      36cm (H) x 138cm (L) x 45cm (w)
      Product Weight
      Weight Capacity


      We haven't yet had the chance to test the BrainGain FID bench but we have tested their equipment in the past and been very impressed. Plus, they are a UK-based company that produces good quality affordable home gym equipment and we are expecting great things from their newly released bench.


      What to Look For?

      What are your training goals?

      Depending on what your training goals are will determine what specifications you should look for when choosing the right weight bench.

      If you are looking to be a powerlifter, then you will likely need a commercial-spec bench with a high weight capacity.


      What weight capacity do you need?

      All weight benches come with a maximum weight capacity and it is important to have a rough idea of what capacity you are going to need.

      Bear in mind, that the weight capacity of the bench includes your body weight and the weight you are lifting.

      For example, if you weigh 110kg and want to be able to bench press 150kg, you will need a bench that has a maximum capacity of at least 260kg.


      Do you need an adjustable bench?

      One advantage of buying a flat bench is that they are often cheaper and have a higher capacity.

      But, you don’t get the added variety that an adjustable weight bench has to offer. So, if you want to perform shoulder press with your back being supported you might want to go for an adjustable bench.


      How wide should the pad be?

      Pad width will have an impact on comfort and stability. When performing exercises such as bench press it is important that the bench supports your shoulders.

      However, you also don’t want a bench that is too wide. If the bench is too wide you will feel it digging into your shoulders and will be uncomfortable to use.

      Generally, a pad width of just under 30cm is a good width that will be comfortable for most users.


      Flat bench press

      Bench Height

      Another important factor to consider is the height of the bench. A bench that is too high may prevent you from being able to comfortably place your feet on the floor.

      For example, if you are performing bench press and the bench is too high or too low, you won’t be able to generate as much power through leg drive.

      This will limit your performance and prevent you from lifting to your full capability.



      Although I am sure everyone would love to have the best weight bench. Commercial spec models can cost quite a lot and your budget might not stretch that far.

      Therefore, it is important to find the right bench for you so that you get the best value for money. You can sometimes find good deals on second-hand high spec benches if your budget won't stretch to cover the bench that you need.


      How heavy is the weight bench?

      Some users don't have the space to dedicate to home gym equipment. Therefore, it is important that you take into consideration the weight and portability of the bench.

      A bench that is light and easy to move will make the process of getting set up to work out that little bit easier.



      A number of benches come with attachments. Knowing what attachments, you want will save you money in the long run.

      For instance, if you want to perform leg exercises, you should consider a bench with the option of a leg developer.


      Weight bench being used


      The saying “you get what you pay for” is often true when buying a weight bench.

      If you want a bench that is going to last a long time, then you will be better off spending a little bit extra so that you save money in the long run.

      Cheaper-weight benches often have low-quality upholstery that will show signs of wear and tear quickly.



      Although, you will hopefully never have to use a warranty, they do give added peace of mind.

      A warranty also shows you how confident a manufacturer is in the quality of their equipment.



      An often-overlooked aspect of buying a weight bench is the flooring you intend to use it on.

      For example, if you are going to be working out on an uneven floor, then you may want a 3-legged bench or one with adjustable stabilisers.

      Also, if you are going to be working out on a floor that easily scratches, then having protective sleeves on the bench will help minimize any possibility of scratching.


      Rounding Up

      Finishing up, the best weight bench for your home gym will depend on several factors such as your goals, budget and available space.

      But whether you are looking for flat bench or and weight bench with a leg developer/ preacher curl attachment we hope our guide has helped you find the right one for you.

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