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Best Exercise Bike

Looking for the best exercise bike? Finding a model that meets all your needs and budget can be tough.

So our team at Home Gym Supply has put together our list of stationary bikes to suit a range of users.

Whether you're looking for an interactive exercise bike with all the bells and whistles or a budget exercise bike that does the basics well, we have you covered.

So let's get right into it with our quick breakdown of our top picks by category.


At A Glance

Best Exercise Bike - NordicTrack S22i

Best Budget Exercise Bike - Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Folding Exercise Bike - PooBoo Folding Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under $300 - Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002

Best Exercise Bike Under $500 - Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike EX-15

Best Peloton Alternative - Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike


Why Trust us

At Home Gym Supply, our expertise comes from years of collaborating with reputable brands in the fitness industry, and have a team of qualified engineers who regularly install and service this equipment.

So we have hands-on experience that gives us valuable insights into the performance of each piece of equipment.

We also stay up to date on the latest news and releases from the industry by attending conventions plus we are often invited by leading names like York Fitness, NordicTrack, ProForm, and Assault Fitness to give feedback and preview their latest releases.

This firsthand experience has helped us pick our top choices and ensures that our recommendations stay up to date.


1. NordicTrack S22i

NordicTrack S22i

Resistance Levels


Screen/ Console

22” HD touchscreen with iFit compatibility

Product Weight

185 lbs


22”(D) x 60” (W) x 63” (H)

Weight Capacity


NordicTrack has become a trusted brand in home cardio equipment since its launch in 1974. 

But from their S series, the NordicTrack S22i is our top choice, beating the S10i, S15i and S27i. Just in case you are wondering, the main difference between these units is their screen size which is indicated in the model number. For example, the S22i has a 22” HD touchscreen.

However, what sets the S22i apart is its 2024 update, featuring significant improvements. They upgraded the HD smart touchscreen, doubled the amount of RAM, and added WiFi 5.0 GHz adapters to enhance the user experience and connectivity.

We expect the other models will get the same update soon but in our opinion, the S22i is worth the extra cost to upgrade from the S15i to the S22i. Whereas, the S27i costs considerably more and the 22” screen is big enough.

The S22i is near-silent when being used thanks to NordicTrack’s Patented Silent Magnetic Resistance System (SMR) and with 24 levels of resistance, this bike offers an impressive resistance range.

Plus, the ability to go from a -10% decline to a 20% incline is a feature we haven’t seen on many other bikes, and it will automatically adjust to mimic the terrain in iFit workouts.

As we just mentioned, the S22i is iFit compatible which gives you access to a wide variety of workout options.

But you aren’t limited to just cycling workouts, as the screen can be swiveled 360 degrees and comes with a pair of 3 lb dumbbells, you can follow along to other workouts such as Yoga and strength training classes.

We were glad to see the 3-pound dumbbells were included for free as some brands like Peloton charge extra for theirs. 

However, you will need to take into account the monthly cost for iFit. But you will get a 30-day trial so you can test it out.

iFit used to offer a free year trial with all new purchases, but they did significantly reduce the monthly subscription cost to be in line with other apps and you can cancel/ pause your membership much easier if you want to.

One drawback is that the S22i is only compatible with the iFit app and can’t be used with other apps. Nonetheless, iFit is one of the best interactive apps on the market. 

In terms of comfort, the S22i comes with an adjustable seat(both vertically and horizontally) and handlebars (vertically).

Some users find the seat a tad firm, but personal preferences vary, and you can always swap out the seat if you want to or add a gel seat cover.

Surrounding the 22” screen are quick adjustment buttons and buttons on the handles for resistance and incline/decline. The pedals come with a couple of options to choose from with toe cages and SPD clips if you want to use cleats. 

Overall, the NordicTrack S22i is a great quality bike and with the 2024 upgrades is now a step above the competition.


  • NordicTrack is a trusted brand.
  • 22" HD touchscreen.
  • Recent upgrades have significantly improved the bike.
  • Near-silent operation due to NordicTrack's Silent Magnetic Resistance System (SMR).
  • Unique -10% decline to 20% incline.
  • iFit compatible with a wide variety of workouts.
  • Multiple pedal options with toe cages and SPD clips.


  • Monthly cost for iFit subscription (30-day trial included).
  • Only compatible with iFit. So can't use other apps.


2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002


Friction Resistance with 49 lbs Flywheel

Screen/ Console

No Screen

Product Weight

113.4 lbs

Product Dimensions

19”(D) x 54” (W) x 44.8” (H)

Weight Capacity

275 lbs


Sunny Health and Fitness, has been creating affordable home gym equipment since 2002 and has built a strong reputation.

The SF-B1002 is a great example of Sunny Health and Fitness's goal priced around $300 and manages to deliver a challenging workout.

This bike uses friction resistance combined with a hefty 49lbs flywheel which provides a smooth cycling experience and plenty of resistance that can be adjusted through the turn dial knob. Plus, it comes with a safety stop if you need to quickly stop your workout.

When being used, the SF-B1002 is very quiet, allowing you to enjoy your TV shows or music without disturbance.

One downside is that this model doesn't come with a console, but this might not be a deal-breaker for everyone and is the reason you get so much resistance for the price.

However, you can easily attach a tablet holder to the handlebars if you would like something to focus on while cycling.

The SF-B1002 is heavier than other models in the same price range which adds extra stability and allows you to push your limits without the bike rocking about.

Overall, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 offers a no-frills experience and is a great choice for those who don't necessarily want to pay for a console but just want a bike that promises a good workout.


  • Affordable no-frills option that provides plenty of resistance.
  • Heavy 49lbs flywheel.
  • Quiet operation.


  • No console.


3. Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike



Magnetic Resistance 

Screen/ Console

LCD monitor

Product Weight

68 lbs

Product Dimensions

40”(D) x 22” (W) x 45” (H)

Weight Capacity

270 lbs


The Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike is a budget-friendly option and is currently one of Amazon's best sellers with over 20,000 reviews and highly rated at 4.4/5.

Equipped with a respectable 30lbs flywheel, the bike uses magnetic resistance to deliver a moderate amount of resistance which can be adjusted through a turn dial knob.

Thanks to the magnetic resistance, the bike is almost silent while being used so there is no risk of disturbing the whole house while you work out.

One common issue with indoor cycles is the seats aren't very comfortable, but Yosuda has opted for a slightly larger seat with extra padding. Although a couple of users reported fabric tear issues, we didn't have any issues.

The console is quite basic but the LCD display allows you to track your workout data. Below the console, there's a tablet holder attached to the handlebar which makes it easy to stream your favorite shows during your workout.

So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly bike that you can burn some extra calories on and watch your favorite shows then the Yosuda Indoor cycling bike may be the right choice for you.

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  • Budget-friendly option with over 20,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.4/5 rating.
  • 30lbs flywheel.
  • Near-silent operation.
  • Larger, padded seat for improved comfort


  • Some users reported fabric tear issues with the seat.
  • Basic console may lack advanced features for more detailed tracking.


4. PooBoo Folding Exercise Bike - Best Folding Exercise Bike

PooBoo Folding Exercise Bike




Screen/ Console

LCD Monitor

Product Weight

44.6 lbs

Product Dimensions

27.56”(D) x 20.47” (W) x 43.7” (H)

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Short on space and looking for a folding exercise bike? The PooBoo Folding Exercise Bike could be perfect for you if you want to burn a few extra calories but need to put the bike away in between uses.

Measuring just 14.96” deep, 15.95” wide, and 51.18” high when folded, it also has transport wheels which make it easy to roll it to the closet when you are done.

Don't let its compact size fool you; this bike still manages to deliver a good workout and has a nice added bonus of resistance bands to target your upper body during cycling sessions.

It is very quiet when being used thanks to the magnetic resistance which has 8 levels to choose from. However, don't expect to be doing high-intensity workouts on this machine as the resistance is only designed for low-intensity cardio workouts.

The handlebars come with pulse sensors built in but they don't appear to be very accurate.But they still act as a good guide to track your intensity in comparison to previous workouts on the same bike.

Navigating the simple LCD is straightforward with a single button to swap through the basic workout metrics. But it does have a tablet holder included so you can stream a show as you cycle.

Considering the compact design of the bike, it was surprisingly stable, though we do recommend using it on a solid floor if possible.

The seat is surprisingly comfortable thanks to the backrest for added support. But don't get this confused with a recumbent bike as this is still an upright bike design.

One downside is that the compact X-frame design means climbing on the bike isn't as easy as on a standard stationary bike. But that's the price you pay for the folding convenience.


  • Space-saving folding design.
  • Resistance bands included for upper body workouts.
  • Quiet when being used.
  • Tablet holder included.
  • Surprisingly stable for a compact bike.


  • Resistance isn't strong enough for high-intensity workouts. It is designed more towards low-intensity cardio sessions.
  • Built-in pulse sensors lack accuracy.
  • Not as easy to get on the bike due to the X-frame folding design.


5. Peloton Original

Peloton Original




Screen/ Console

22” HD Touchscreen

Product Weight

135 lbs

Product Dimensions

51”(D) x 24” (W) x 51.25” (H)

Weight Capacity

297 lbs

The Peloton Orginal bike skyrocketed in popularity and price during the lockdown.

However, following a few mishaps with their treadmill and an overstock issue, prices have significantly dropped in the past year, making them more reasonably priced.

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The standout feature that made Peloton so popular was their App which has led the way in interactive exercise apps.

It provides a wide workout range but also has a very strong community with over 3 million subscribers which helped to create the social gym feel without leaving your home.

They were also one of the first to use the large 22” touchscreens on a stationary bike. It is clear and ultra-responsive and was the best screen on the market for a few years although some of the other brands are now starting to catch up.

We experienced no frustrating lag issues when using their screen which can be an issue on other cheaper models.

As the bike uses magnetic resistance, it is whisper-quiet when being used but still produces a strong range of resistance which can be adjusted through the turn dial knob but also Peloton instructors can remotely control the resistance level to help you follow their class.

For anyone unsure, Peloton offers a 30-day home trial so you can experience the bike before making a decision. And for those who dread assemblies, Peloton also assembles all of their units upon delivery, ensuring the bike is correctly set up.

However, one drawback is that the Peloton bike comes with Delta clip-in pedals and the Peloton Shoes that fit the Delta clips are sold separately.

While some users might already have a pair of cleats that will fit the bike, it is an additional cost that you will need to take into consideration.

The Peloton branded cycling shoes can cost over $100 but there are compatible cleats you can pick up for less.

We would much prefer if the cleats were optional and you could use a toe cage if you wanted to.

On the bright side using their cleats does add an extra level to your cycling workout with a firm connection to the pedals.

Another slight inconvenience is that the dumbbells are also an optional extra, unlike the NordicTrack S22i which has them included for free.

Rounding up, it is clear why Peloton has been so successful. But, while they once led the pack, other brands have closed the gap providing several worthy alternatives.


  • Peloton App is one of the best interactive apps on the market.
  • Responsive 22” touchscreen.
  •  Quiet when being used.
  • Offers a 30-day home trial to test the bike.
  • Peloton is currently assembling the bike upon delivery.


  • Peloton Shoes (which fit the pedals) are sold separately.
  • Dumbbells are not included.


6. Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike EX-15

Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike EX-15



Magnetic Resistance

Screen/ Console

No display but has a device holder

Product Weight

91 lbs

Product Dimensions

32.75”(D) x 21” (W) x 44” (H)

Weight Capacity

300 lbs


Another great alternative to the Peloton bike is the Echelon Smart Connect Fitness bike EX-15 especially as it is compatible with the Peloton app but costs about $500. 

To keep the price as low as possible, Echelon has left off a screen but included a device holder so you can use your own device. And as it is Bluetooth connectivity you can connect your device to the machine. Then you can use the Echelon app or other popular apps. Although the Echelon app does cost more than a lot of the competitors but you do get a 30-day free trial of the app. 

The magnetic resistance is almost silent when being used and can be adjusted in 32 levels through the turn-dial knob. 

The pedals are toe cage only but you can always swap the pedals out if you would prefer SPD clips.

Echelon also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and has great customer service, so if you aren’t happy with your machine you can send it back provided you bought it through their store on Amazon or directly through their website.


  • Cost-effective alternative to the Peloton bike, priced around $500.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows linking with the Echelon app or other popular apps such as the Peloton app.
  • Near-silent magnetic resistance with 32 adjustable levels via a turn-dial knob.
  • 30-day free trial available for the Echelon app.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. (Check their terms to confirm the offer is still valid when purchasing)


  • No built-in screen.
  • Echelon app subscription costs more than many competitors.
  • Pedals come with a toe cage only, though they can be replaced if SPD clips are preferred.


7. Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike



Magnetic Resistance

Screen/ Console

Full-color backlit LCD display. 

Product Weight

106 lbs

Product Dimensions

48.7”(D) x 21.2” (W) x 51.8” (H)

Weight Capacity

330 lbs


Schwinn is well known for their bikes in the Spin Class world and is part of the Nautilus parent company. They are one of the best options if you enjoy spin classes and are a great alternative to Peloton. 

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Compatible with apps such as Zwift and Peloton, you can easily connect your tablet and use the app of your choice and easily follow along thanks to the tablet holder.

It is a well-built bike that will stand the test of time even with daily high-intensity workouts.

The LCD display clearly shows all the basic information you would need and is easy to control with just a couple of buttons.

The pedals come with SPD clips if you want to use cleats or toe cages if you want to hop on and cycle with normal sneakers. 

It uses magnetic resistance which is very quiet and can be adjusted through the turn dial knob with 100 levels of resistance to choose from. And the 40-pound flywheel helps to keep the cycling experience smooth but also generates plenty of resistance. 

Schwinn has included a pair of 3-pound dumbbells to help engage your upper body and a Bluetooth heart rate armband to continuously track your heart rate. This will help you make sure you get the most out of each of your workouts.

The only downside we can find with the IC4 is that the machine isn’t recommended for users over 6ft tall. So if you are taller you might need to look at another machine. 

As we would expect from a good quality brand like Schwinn, the IC4 comes with a good warranty for a bike at this price point offering 10 years on frame, 3 years parts, 1 year electronics, and 90 days labor to make sure it is working correctly.


  • Reputable brand.
  • A good alternative to Peloton.
  • Compatible with popular apps like Zwift and Peloton.
  • Durable construction.
  • Pedals offer both SPD clips for cleats and a toe cage.
  • Quiet magnetic resistance.
  • Includes 3 lbs dumbbells.
  • Comes with a Bluetooth heart rate armband included.


  • Not recommended for users over 6ft tall. 


8. Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike

Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike


Magnetic Resistance

Screen/ Console

LCD monitor

Product Weight

86 lbs

Product Dimensions

41”(D) x 22” (W) x 42.5” (H)

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

Yosuda, although they are quite new in comparison to the likes of NordicTrack and have only been on the market since 2018. They have quickly become a top-selling brand in the US, and for good reasons, like their Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike.

While it's built to light commercial-grade quality, it's essential to note that it may not match the quality of more expensive light commercial models, but that's reasonable given the price point of about $400.

Despite its affordability, this bike can generate ample resistance thanks to the 40-lb flywheel and remains incredibly quiet while being used thanks to the magnetic resistance.

The display is on the smaller side and lacks backlighting which can be a little frustrating if you are in a poorly lit room but it is only a minor drawback.

In addition to the console, there is a handy tablet holder above the display, although the bike doesn't come with Bluetooth connectivity so you won't be able to connect to interactive apps.

Still, considering the price, we weren't expecting Bluetooth connectivity as you would normally need to spend a couple of hundred more dollars.

In summary, the Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike is an excellent entry-level option with the potential to push your workout limits, offering solid value for budget-conscious users.


  • Budget-friendly, priced at around $400.
  • 40lbs flywheel.
  • Quiet operation due to magnetic resistance.
  • Convenient tablet holder above the display.


  • Not on par with more expensive light commercial models in terms of quality.
  • Display has no backlight.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity, but this is expected at the price point.


9. Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 BikeErg



Air Resistance

Screen/ Console

LCD PM5 Performance Monitor

Product Weight

68 lbs

Product Dimensions

48”(D) x 24” (W) x 41” (H)

Weight Capacity

300 lbs


Concept2 is well known for its Model D rowing machine and has now created the BikeErg using some of the same features such as the resistance system and PM5 console.

The BikeErg features the same air-resistance flywheel with an adjustable dampener that allows you to adjust the bike's resistance.

As a result, the BikeErg provides plenty of resistance when the dampener is set to 10 and is perfect for high-intensity workouts. Or if you want a leisurely cycling experience, slide the dampener to 1 and enjoy a smooth ride.

On the Concept2 rowing machine, it can sometimes be difficult to change the resistance in the middle of your workout, but there is no such issue with the BikeErg as you can easily reach the slider while in the saddle.

Equipped with the well-regarded PM5 performance monitor, also found on Concept2's rowing machines and SkiErg, the BikeErg offers accurate workout tracking, with advanced metrics for those wanting a deeper analysis.

It's also compatible with the Concept2 ErgData app and can connect to various workout apps like Zwift for more workout options.

Concept2 is also well known for its durability and is trusted in commercial gyms, and the BikeErg maintains this reputation, handling high-intensity workouts with ease.

However, one downside, the minimalistic seat lacks padding, which may cause discomfort during longer sessions. But this can easily be fixed as the seat can be swapped out for something more comfortable.

The seat's adjustability is slightly limited and can only go up and down but we were able to get the bike setup with no issues, though a few users have reported difficulties.

Finishing up, the Concept2 BikeErg offers great durability for the price and delivers and tough workout. So if you are someone who is looking for a machine you can punish day in and day out then the BikeErg is a great option.

Especially when combined with the PM5 console it allows you to accurately track your progress and make sure you are pushing your limits.


  • Uses the same air-resistance flywheel and adjustable dampener as Concept2's Model D rowing machine which provides a great range of resistance.
  • Equipped with the accurate PM5 performance monitor.
  • Compatible with the Concept2 ErgData app and various workout apps like Zwift.
  • Great durability, suitable for high-intensity use.


  • Limited seat adjustability (only up and down).
  • Some users have reported setup difficulties.
  • The minimalistic seat may cause discomfort during longer sessions, but it can be replaced for improved comfort.


10. Assault Fitness AssaultBike Classic

AssaultFitness AssaultBike Classic


Air Resistance

Screen/ Console

LCD High Contrast Screen

Product Weight

95.64 lbs

Product Dimensions

50.95”(D) x 23.34” (W) x 50” (H)

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

The Assault Fitness AirBike Classic is a standout choice, particularly for the CrossFit community as it can deliver a relentless and high-intensity workout.

It comes with an eye-catching large 27" steel fan that generates air resistance which will scale with the effort you put in.

However, it's important to note that the air resistance does create much more noise than other exercise bikes that use magnetic and friction resistance.

Built like a tank, it is exceptionally durable, and designed to withstand daily punishment. It comes with reinforced pedals and crank, along with a square-tapered drive chain so you can push your limits without worrying about breaking them.

Plus, it is finished with a durable powder coat finish for added protection from sweat and tears.

One of its unique attributes compared to normal exercise bikes is that it engages your upper and lower body for a true full-body workout.

If you're seeking the most effective calorie-burning workout from an exercise bike, then the Assault Fitness AirBike Classic is a very good choice.

Priced around $700, it offers excellent calorie-burning potential for your investment, making it a worthwhile addition to your home gym.


  • Highly popular among the CrossFit community due to its intense workout potential.
  • Air resistance provides endless resistance.
  • Robust and durable construction.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • Engages the upper body and lower body.


  • The steel fan can is quite noisy.
  • Not a true cycling experience.


what to look for when buying an exercise bike

What to Look For When Buying A Stationary Exercise Bike?

Determine Your Fitness Goals and Needs

When looking for the best exercise bike for you, it's important to understand your fitness goals and workout preferences.

For example, if you're interested in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, an indoor cycle-style bike might be your best bet.

But, if you want a more relaxed workout, an upright bike may be a more suitable choice.

Set Your Budget

Establishing a clear budget is a crucial step in the selection process as the price can vary dramatically.

Stationary bikes with advanced, interactive features can be tempting but you don't want to spend more than you can afford.

If you want the high-end features but can't quite afford it right now then getting a bike like the Schwinn IC4 that can be easily upgraded might be a good choice.

Understand Resistance Types

Familiarize yourself with the various types of resistance that are often found in exercise bikes. Magnetic resistance provides a quiet and smooth riding experience, while friction and air/fan-based resistance options are worth considering as well.

There is a detailed breakdown of the resistance types later in this post.


Stationary bike flywheel

Flywheel Weight

If you are trying to determine how much resistance a bike will be able to produce, the weight of the flywheel can be a key indicator.

Generally, heavier flywheels tend to result in smoother rides with more resistance. Keep in mind that friction-based flywheels may be heavier than their magnetic counterparts.

Also. some of the high-end models like the ones from NordicTrack have slightly lighter flywheels, but their patented Silent Magnetic Resistance System manages to produce plenty of resistance.

Comfort and Adjustability

Being comfortable while you workout will make it much easier to stay consistent with your workouts so pay close attention to the bike's comfort features. So check the bike's pedals, seat, and handlebars.

If you want to use cleats, check that the pedals are compatible with the type of clip you want to use or if they can be easily replaced.

In terms of adjustability, you will want to check how the handlebars and seat can be adjusted. Whether they can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. This will help make sure you can find a riding position that suits your body type.

Plus, check the design of the seat as some people find the road bike style seats uncomfortable and prefer a wide seat with more padding.

You can also check if a seat's saddle can be swapped out or sometimes a gel seat cover is a simple fix.

Consider Size and Mobility

How much space do you have available for an exercise bike? Think about the dimensions of the bike and whether it fits within the space you've allocated for it.

Or if you need to put the bike away in between uses, then you will want to make sure it is foldable and has transport wheels to make it easy to move.

Console Features

With a wide variety of interactive workout apps on the market, taking into account console features and compatibility with other apps can make a big difference to your workout experience.

So if you want to be able to cycle with your friends on Zwift, then it is important to check your bike is compatible.


exercise bike comfort

Assembly Requirements

Some people are not very good at assembling equipment and the thought of assembling an exercise bike can seem daunting. So it is worth checking how difficult the assembly process might be or if there is the option to pay for assembly or is it included like with Peloton.

But, most bikes come partly pre-assembled and are quite straight forward, but it's worth checking the assembly manual if available to double-check.


Consider the durability of the exercise bike to try and pick a machine that is built to last. In general, heavier bikes tend to be better quality as it is often a sign that it has been built with a strong frame.

Warranty Coverage

Don't forget to check what warranty comes with the bike. A good warranty will add an extra level of peace of mind to your purchase experience knowing that it is covered from any faults.


Home Exercise Bike


What are the different types of Resistance Used in Exercise Bikes?

Exercise bikes use various types of resistance, each with its advantages and considerations. The most common types are as follows: 

Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic resistance is one of the most common types of resistance used in exercise bikes as it is almost silent when being used and provides a smooth cycling experience.

It relies on magnets placed near the flywheel to create resistance and can be adjusted by moving the magnet closer or further from the flywheel.

This type of resistance is low maintenance, as it involves no physical contact, reducing wear and tear.

Friction Resistance

Friction resistance uses a brake pad or felt pad to provide resistance in the form of friction against the flywheel.

There is normally a turn-dial knob that allows the rider to increase or decrease the amount of friction/ resistance being generated.

While friction-resistance bikes tend to be more affordable, they can be a little noisier and may require periodic pad replacements due to wear.


fan bike

Air/Fan Resistance

Air resistance bikes feature a large fan-like flywheel that turns as you pedal. The harder you pedal, the more air you are forcing with the fan and in turn generate more resistance.

The main benefit of air resistance is that the resistance scales with your intensity so you get back what you put in.

But their main downside is that they tend to be noisier compared to magnetic and friction-resistance bikes.

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Rounding Up

To finish up, we hope you have found our guide to the best exercise bikes useful and you are now one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.

Now it is time to put in the work!