York Barbell C19BB Barbell Bench With Leg Developer

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York Barbell C19BB

Multifunctional Training

The York Barbell C19BB Olympic Barbell Bench with Leg Developer provides a comprehensive workout solution for home users. This bench supports various exercises, allowing you to perform bench presses, shoulder presses, and leg extensions efficiently.


Adjustable and Versatile

This fully adjustable bench press converts to a 90-degree upright shoulder press. It features telescopic uprights for easy height adjustment. The seat and base pad design ensure comfort and stability during intense workouts.


Enhanced Features

Equipped with a leg developer attachment, this bench targets lower body muscles. There's also an option for a Preacher Curl attachment, expanding your exercise possibilities. Compatible with both Olympic and standard bar sizes, it accommodates a full-length Olympic 7ft bar or an oversized standard 1” bar, provided the internal bar length is 48” (120cm).


Robust Construction

Constructed with durability in mind, the York Barbell C19BB withstands rigorous training sessions. Its dimensions of 180cm in length, 125cm in width, and 138cm in height, with a width of 119.5cm between uprights, offer a stable and secure platform for various exercises. Weighing 68kg, it combines robustness with the flexibility needed for a home gym.

This bench is ideal for home users over 30 seeking a versatile, sturdy bench to enhance their strength training regimen.


  • Fully adjustable bench press that easily converts to an upright shoulder press at a 90-degree angle.
  • Telescopic uprights and a comfortable seat/base pad design.
  • Equipped with a Leg Developer attachment and option for a Preacher Curl attachment.
  • Compatible with both Olympic and standard bar sizes.
  • Designed to be used with a full-length Olympic 7ft bar or an oversized standard 1”bar. Internal bar length (between sleeves) must be 48” (120cm).
  • Dimensions: L: 180cm W: 125cm H: 138cm. Width between uprights 119.5cm
  • Product Weight: 68kg


The York Barbell C19BB is shipped on a pallet and typically arrives within 3-5 working days. The carrier will notify you prior to deliver to help ensure someone is available to accept the delivery.

Please note, the driver is unable to bring the product inside but will deliver it as close to your property as possible.

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