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Tunturi HG60

With a unique design, the Tunturi HG60 manages to incorporate a leg press into one compact multi gym. As a result, you get a machine that can perform a wide variety of exercises and save you time/ money by working out from home.

  • 10 Plate Weight Stack Weighing 70kg
  • Built-in Leg Press
  • Preacher Curl
  • High pulley with curved lat bar
  • Low pulley with straight bar
  • Multifunctional Chest Press
  • Height-adjustable preacher curl pad
  • Leg Developer (Hamstrings and Quadriceps)
  • Adjustable Backrest

Heavy 70kg Weight Stack

With a total of 10 weight plates each weighing 7kg each, the Tunturi HG60 comes with a heavy 70kg weight stack. This will give you plenty of resistance for a challenging workout and allow you to quickly change between weights to maximise your workout intensity.


Innovative Leg Press Design

The innovative leg press feature included with the Tunturi HG60 multi gym's offers the ultimate leg workout.

By transforming the preacher curl pad into a backrest, the HG60 allows you to target your leg muscles with precision. Whether you're aiming to build strong quads, hamstrings, or glutes, the leg press function offers a challenging yet effective solution.

Multifunctional Chest Press

The HG60 multi gym features an essential component found in most gym setups—the versatile chest press. This multifunctional feature allows you to perform both chest presses and chest flies effortlessly. By simply unpinning the arms, you can switch between exercises and target different areas of your chest muscles.


Low Row Pulley with Footplate

Tunturi's commitment to exceptional design is evident in the impressive features of the low row pulley. Perfect for rowing exercises, the HG60 comes with a sturdy footplate that provides a solid foundation for your workouts. The footplate ensures stability and enables you to perform rowing exercises with confidence and strength.

However, when you're ready to switch to different exercises that don't require the footplate, simply fold it out of the way and seamlessly continue your workout. This thoughtful design element allows for versatility and uninterrupted training sessions, showcasing Tunturi's dedication to user-friendly and efficient equipment.


Leg Developer

In addition to the leg press, the HG60 comes with a leg developer which allows you to target your leg muscles with precision through leg extensions and curls.

Whether you aim to strengthen your quads or tone your hamstrings, the leg developer provides targeted exercises that intensify your leg training routine.

With comfortable padding, you will be able to put your legs to the test.


Lat Pulldown Station/ High Pulley

Unlock a world of versatility with the high pulley feature of the HG60 multi gym. This dynamic component offers a multitude of exercise possibilities, including lat pulldowns, ab exercises, and tricep pushdowns.

The included curved bar enhances your range of motion during lat pulldowns while alleviating wrist pressure. 


Included Attachments:

  • Curved Lat Bar
  • Pull Bar
  • Ankle Strap
  • Ribbon Handle

TunTuri Training App

Boost your training experience with the free Tunturi Training app!

Whether you need help, inspiration, or a motivational push, this app has got you covered. Inside, you'll find a vast selection of animated fitness exercises, easy-to-follow instructions, and exciting workout videos. This app will help you make the most of your Tunturi HG60 and unleash your full potential.


Product Specifications:

  • High pulley with curved lat bar
  • Multifunctional Chest Press
  • Low Pulley
  • Adjustable Height Preacher Curl
  • Leg Developer
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • Stitched upholstery with reinforced corners
  • Total Weight Stack: 70kg
  • Qty. Weight Plates: 10
  • Assembled Dimensions: 168cm (L) x 114cm (W) x 212cm (H)
  • Product Weight: 160kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour warranty. (Must be registered within 28 days of delivery for full 2 year warranty. Otherwise 1 year warranty applies

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Josh P.
Great All Round

So glad I spent a bit more and went with the HG60. The quality is great and Home Gym Supply were really helpful and answered a few questions I had. I was sceptical of how the leg press would feel but it actually offers a lot of resistance.

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