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Inspire Fitness SCS Smith Cage System

The Smith Cage is a revolutionary strength system that offers an array of exercises for total body workouts.The dual adjustable pulley, power rack and smith machine come together in one unit to create the most efficient workout possible!

Dual Racking System

With this innovative SCS dual racking systme from Inspire Fitness, you can use your Smith bar and free weight Olympic bar simultaneously. All while being protected by safety features such as spotters arms where needed so there are never any worries about accidents happening during these sessions.

The smith bar has a starting resistance of 13.6kg, enabling beinggers and advanced uses to get the most out of their workout. With 15 steel lockout positions to choose from, the SCS system provides a safe solution for solo training.

The Inspire SCS power rack, much like the Smith station, has 15 solid steel bar hooks to provide safe strength training without a spotter.

6 Pulley System

The six-pulley system comes with a variety of pulleys, including 2 wide cable cross over pulleys, 2 narrow low pulleys and 2 narrow high pulleys, so you can customize your workout. The upper and lower pulleys are fixed, while the 2 wide ones are adjustable.

What sets the Inspire Fitness SCS Smith Cage System apart from other cable machines is that its pulleys function independently. This allows you to quickly transition between exercises helping you maximise your results.

2 x 73kg Weight Stacks

The SCS system comes with 2 x 73kg weight stacks. With a 1:2 resistance ratio, this means you lift half the specified weight on the stack. Compound movements, such as pulldowns, utilize both weight stacks to create a resistive force of up to 73kg providing plenty of resistance for most users. (Upgraded system includes 2 x 23kg weight stack upgrades) 

Unique Adjustable Height Pull Up Station

The one-of-a-kind, height adjustable pull up station gives you the ability to do wide, neutral and close grip options to build your back faster from multiple angles. The firm grip and deep knurling on this barbell allow for proper form and optimum training.

The fact that the pull-up station is adjustable makes the SCS Smith Cage System a popular choice among lifters who have low ceilings.

If you find regular chin-ups too difficult, the multi-function belt can help you by giving you some assistance as your perform pull-ups.

Compact Footprint

With the power rack integrated into the Smith station, the SCS offers a home gym that is just as small as a standard functional trainer. Therefore, the SCS is a great choice for someone who wants a workout system but doesn't have the space, or only wants it to take up corner of their room.


What Does The SCS Upgrade System Include?

The Inspire SCS upgraded system comes with a few additional extras for users looking to take their workouts to the next level. This includes the following:

  • Inspire flat/ Incline/ Decline bench with leg developer
  • 2 x 23kg weight stack upgrades to total of 96kg each side.

What's the difference between the Inspire SCS and the Inspire FT2?

The main difference between the SCS and FT2 is that the former has a power rack, enabling free weight exercises. If you enjoy weightlifting with a barbell, it's critical to take this distinction into account before making your purchase, as you cannot add a power rack to the FT2 later. The SCS is also wider than the taller FT2, and around 80kg heavier. And finally, the SCS Smith bar is plate loaded, while the FT2's resistance comes from the stack.

Product Specifications:

  • Complete Smith machine with cable crossover
  • 7+ commercial-grade workout stations in one compact training system
  • Unlimited functional training opportunities
  • Power rack, Smith machine, functional trainer and dual adjustable pulley all in one unit
  • Dual racking system accommodates Smith bar and free weight bar simultaneously
  • 6 pulleys: 2 adjustable wide, 2 mid and 2 low
  • Dual weight stack design for unique isolateral exercises
  • Can be used with a full size Olympic bar for overhead presses and full range of motion
  • Built to last solid 11-gauge steel frame and commercial grade cables
  • 15 steel lockout points for safety
  • Full-length power rack style safety catches
  • Height adjustable pull up bar to accommodate low ceiling clearance
  • 2 x 73kg weight stacks (1:2 ratio) with the 2 x 23kg weight stack upgrades included
  • 30lbs Smith bar (13.6kg)
  • Heavy-duty 5 x 10cm (2 x 4”) oval and 7.6cm (3”) round 11- gauge tubular steel frame
  • Precision steel ball bearings
  • Matte black and chrome
  • Electrostatic powder coat finish
  • 1:2 Cable Ratio
  • User capacity: 3
  • Fibreglass reinforced nylon pulleys
  • Exercise chart and booklet
  • Accessories included: 2 x multi-ring D handles (short), 2 x rubber D handles (long) and pull up assist strap
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 191 x 155 x 206/221 cm maximum (71 x 61 x 81/87 inches maximum) - 2 height options, lowest 206 cm
  • Dimensions with optional bench (L x W x H): 191 x 252 x 191 x 206/221 cm maximum (99 x 75 x & 81/87 inches maximum)
  • Weight: 499kg (1100lbs)
  • Weight capacity: 454kg (1001lbs)
  • Home warranty: lifetime frame and parts, 2 years cables, 90 days upholstery and 1 year labour
  • Light commercial warranty: lifetime frame and 10 years parts, 1 year cables and 90 days upholstery, up to 6 hours usage per day in a supervised environment

Customer Reviews

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T E.
Quality machine

Had my SCS up and running for about 3 weeks and the quality is exceptional and feels smooth when using it.

Could not be happier!

Well worth the investment! Good quality heavy duty steel, which makes it so much more sturdy than the last system we had.

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