HGS Premium Interlocking Rubber Gym Floor Tiles (1M x 1M) (20MM)

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HGS Premium Interlocking Rubber Gym Floor Tiles With Connectors (1M x 1M) (20MM)

Minimum Order Quantity: 9

High-Quality Material

The HGS Premium Interlocking Rubber Gym Floor Tiles feature a smooth machined dense EPDM top layer.

This design ensures durability, easy cleaning, and a superior grip. Unlike crumb rubber tiles, these tiles prevent dirt buildup, maintaining a clean surface with minimal effort.


Shock Absorption

The less dense bottom layer of the tiles includes a unique shock-absorbing pattern. This design enhances strength and bounce when heavy weights are dropped, providing better protection for the underlying floor. 


Secure Installation

Each tile comes with three plastic connectors, ensuring a secure fit. These connectors improve tile rigidity and minimize movement caused by temperature changes and regular use.

This secure connection system simplifies installation as you do not need any glue and ensures a stable workout surface.


Customizable Edges

Edges and corners can be purchased separately. They connect using the same plastic connectors, offering a sloped edge for gym entrances or open flooring areas.

Made from denser materials, these edges and corners increase wear resistance.

Edges and corners are not yet available for the white fleck colour option but will be available soon.


Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is straightforward with these tiles. A simple wipe, mop, or brush keeps them clean, ensuring a hygienic workout environment.

Ideal for general training, strength and conditioning, CrossFit, and free weights, these gym floor tiles provide a reliable and durable flooring solution.


  • Dimensions: 1m x 1m
  • Thicknesses: 20mm
  • Standard Tolerances Apply: 0.2% - 0.7%


The HGS Premium Interlocking Rubber Gym Floor Tiles are shipped on a pallet and typically arrive within 3-5 working days. The carrier will notify you prior to deliver to help ensure someone is available to accept the delivery.

Please note, the driver is unable to bring the product inside but will deliver it as close to your property as possible.


Can I Install the Tiles Myself?

Installing the HGS Premium Interlocking Rubber Gym Floor Tiles are straightforward thanks to the connectors and you do not need to use any glue.

Make sure to stagger the joints and measure the room first to avoid a thin strip of flooring close to walls.

How Much Flooring Do I Need?

Measure the area of your room and allow an extra 10% for waste and possible mistakes.

For example if you have an area of 4.3m x 5.6m the calculation would be 4.3x5.6= 24.08m² plus the extra 10%. 24.08 x 1.1=26.48m² we generally round up so that you will have 27m² which will be 27 tiles in total.

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Owen G.
Straightforward to lay

Really good quality tiles. Laying them is straightforward forward although i messed up one cut but I was using the wrong tool and i had enough to redo it.

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