GymGear Pro Series Half Cage Smith

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GymGear Pro Series Plate Loaded Half Cage Smith Rack


The GymGear Pro Series Half Cage Smith is a versatile training tool that allows you safely push your limits. 


Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

Equipped with a multi grip pull-up bar, you can perform a variety of back exercises.

Adjustable Smith Machine

The Smith machine includes multiple attachment points. Users can start and stop their training at any height, offering flexibility and safety. There are also safeties included so you can train to failure. 


Extensive Rail Travel Range

GymGear have desined this rack for maximum travel distance on the Smith rail to support floor exercises like bent-over rows, deadlifts, and hip thrusts. This enhances your workout options.


Built in Squat Cage

Equipped with front-side squat safety hooks and safeties, the cage keeps you safe during free weight exercises such as squats and overhead press. This design prioritizes user safety during intense workouts.


Optional Extra - Cable Pulley Attachment

For even more workout variety, there is a cable pulley attachement which can be attached to the back of the machine to perform cable exercises. 



  • Multi grip pull up bar
  • Smith machine
  • Front safety hooks and safeties for free weight training
  • Rating: Commercial
  • Product Weight: 77.5kg/170.9lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions: L 140.4cm x W 185cm x H 234cm
  • Loading Capacity: 250kg/551.2lbs

Optional Extra: Cable pulley attachment 

  • Rating: Commercial
  • Product Weight: 38.6kg
  • Assembled Dimensions with Rack: L 145cm x W 123cm x H 231cm
  • Loading Capacity: 250kg/551.2lbs

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