Supporting Local Communities: Chew Magna Fire Station

At Home Gym Supply, we firmly believe in supporting our local communities and the invaluable services they provide. In line with this commitment, we recently had the privilege of donating a Tunturi RC20 to the brave firefighters at Chew Magna Fire Station.

This gesture aims to help these dedicated professionals stay fit and prepared while awaiting emergency calls. We are delighted to contribute to the well-being of those who tirelessly protect our community.

Chew Magna Fire Station plays a critical role in safeguarding the residents of our community, responding to emergencies with courage and efficiency.

Recognizing the tremendous dedication of our local firefighters, Home Gym Supply sought to provide them with a fitness solution that would assist them in maintaining peak physical condition.

We encourage other local businesses and individuals to extend their support to local fire stations and express their gratitude for the incredible work these heroes do day in and day out.

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William Parrett

Will, co-founder of Home Gym Supply, launched the company in 2019 after 15-years in the fitness industry. His expertise stems not only from his professional background but also from his athletic pursuits. A former competitor in the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) and a competitive rugby player, Will has always been dedicated to health and fitness.