What Weight Boxing Gloves Should You Use?

If you are just getting into boxing, then one of the most important things you need to do is to choose the right size of boxing gloves.

Not only do you need the right size of boxing gloves, but they need to have the right weight as well. Yes, that's right, different boxing gloves weigh different amounts.

If your boxing gloves don't fit properly or weigh the right amount, you might end up injuring yourself, or at the very least being uncomfortable and not being able to throw proper punches. This is your boxing glove weight and size guide.


How Heavy are Most Boxing Gloves?

What Weight Boxing Gloves Should You Use?

Before we can start talking about what weight of a boxing glove is ideal for you, you need to know what all of the different weights are. Generally speaking, boxing gloves weigh anywhere between 10 oz and 18 oz.

For people who are just training, such as with pads and bags, they most often go with 10 oz, 12 oz, or 14 oz gloves. The reason for this is because the lighter the gloves are, the faster and more precise a fighter can be, while still having enough padding on the hands to provide adequate protection.

However, if you are planning on sparring, you may want to use some heavier gloves because this will help soften the blow, both on your hands and your sparring partner.

You don't want you or your partner hitting each other with full force without enough padding. Therefore, to provide your hands, knuckles, wrists, and your opponent’s face with enough protection, look for either 16 oz or 18 oz boxing gloves.


How Heavy Should My Boxing Gloves Be?

OK, so the weight of your boxing gloves does not only depend on the purpose for which you are using them, but also the size of your hand and your body weight. 

The heavier you are and the bigger your hands are, the heavier your boxing gloves should be. Refer to the small chart below for information on exactly how large or heavy your boxing gloves should be.

126 lbs

12 to 14 oz gloves

127 – 160 lbs

14 to 16 oz gloves

161 – 180 lbs

16 to 18 oz gloves

181 lbs

18 oz gloves or heavier.


Remember however that these are just recommendations we can provide you with, and it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

If you put on gloves and you feel that they are either too light or too heavy, that's a decision that you'll have to be able to make for yourself.

In other words, it can take a bit of trial and error to figure out which weight and size of boxing gloves is right for you.

On that note, keep in mind that there are competition regulations as well. Depending on exactly what sport you are in, what weight class, and what kind of competition you are competing in, there may be rules and regulations surrounding the weight, size, and type of gloves that you need to use.


Different Types of Boxing Gloves

There are also a few different types of boxing gloves that you can wear, so let's take a quick look at each of them right now.


Competition Boxing Gloves

Competition Boxing Gloves

As you can tell from the name, competition boxing gloves are assigned by the organization host and are based on weight class. Different weight classes will have to use different weights of gloves.

However, there may be a certain range of weight classes of glove you may be able to use, so if you want to be quicker and more agile, go with something a little lighter.


Training Boxing Gloves

Training Boxing Gloves

Training boxing gloves are another option, and they're kind of like a mix between sparring gloves and bag gloves. They are designed to absorb impact and shocks for sparring, yet are also sturdy and heavy enough to work with a bag.


Sparring Boxing Gloves

Sparring Boxing Gloves

We then have sparring gloves, which have a whole lot of weight to them, to help absorb a lot of the shock and impact incurred when sparring. However, they also feature a fairly mobile design so you can throw quick strikes.


Bag Gloves

Bag Gloves

We then have bag gloves, which are like protective gloves that have adjustable wrist supports and are also designed to cover the entire hand. They're made to provide extreme protection for the knuckles and the rest of the hand, although they don't absorb quite as much shock as sparring or training gloves.


Rounding Up

You should now have all of the information that you need to make an informed choice about what size and weight of boxing gloves will suit you best.

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