PowerBlock Pro 32 Adjustable Dumbbells

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PowerBlock Pro 32 Adjustable Dumbbells

Compact, high quality and space saving is what you can expect from the fantastic PowerBlock. Designed with the user in mind,you can maximise the space you have in your Home Gym or Studio space.

The Pro 32's will help you to train with intensity,maintain endurance all while staying safe and enjoying each workout.

  • Replaces 8 pairs of dumbbells or 288lbs (130.6kg) of free weights
  • Increments: 4lbs (1.8kg), 8lbs (3.6kg), 12lbs (5.4kg), 16lbs (7.3kg), 20lbs (9kg), 24lbs (10.8kg), 28lbs (12.7kg) and 32lbs (14.5kg) per hand
  • Dimensions: Length=34.3cm (13.5"), Width=13.9cm (5.5"), Height=13.9cm (5.5")
  • Sold as pair
  • High Performance

When you workout,you want to know you are handling the best quality products on the market,and these adjustable dumbbells are no exception.Made with Urethane coated steel plates provide smooth and quiet performance,you can sure the quality will last time after time.

Secure Grip

A safe workout requires a trustworthy grip,and this is exactly what you'll find with these dumbbells.The open draft design allows users to maximise the range of motion during use.A contoured rubber grip has been added for extra robustness and dexterity.

Auto Lock

The handle has an 'Auto-Lock' option for adjusting the 2.5 pounds in 0.25 pound increments by removing two chrome ballast weights within the lower tubes.

Remove the inner weights by turning the handle back and keeping the weights from spilling out. Then pull down on the lever. Remove the inner weights carefully and place them in their respective slots on the stand.

To close the lever, remove the handle and then drop it back into the weight stack. Alternatively, you may manually close the lever. Reverse the procedure to add weights back into the handle.

Weight Increments

Working out has never been so easy,to show what weight will be picked, the rail's colour bands correspond with the weight chart on the handle.

Selector Pin

This is how the magic happens! To keep exercises moving swiftly, use the pin to set different rails.For example, moving the pin to the bottom of the weight stack selects all of the weight plates.

The pin is made of high-strength polypropylene and can support a 500-pound load.Magnets inside the pin hold it securely once inserted completely.

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