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Weight Machines

Take your home gym to the next level with a weight machine from Home Gym Supply, including free UK delivery when you spend over £100.

Home weight machines are a great way to build and tone muscle, allowing you to apply a level of weight of your choosing. This means that you can tailor your workout to match your capabilities, with the option to apply additional weight plates as you grow stronger.

Fed up of competing for just a handful of leg machines Never miss leg day again with the convenience of your very own home leg press machine such as the Monster Ultimate Leg Press Hack Squat Machine by Force USA, delivering a comprehensive leg workout within the comfort of your own space. 

Looking for a unrivalled upper-body workout? Take a look at our selection of Multi Gyms, Cable Crossovers & Smith Machines.

Looking for a weight machine for your home but not sure where to start? Get in touch with our Home Gym experts for some friendly advice.