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Air Bikes

Browse and buy the latest home air bikes at Home Gym Supply, with free UK delivery when you spend over £100.

Air bikes - also referred to as air assault bikes - are a superb way to build up cardiovascular endurance,  particularly for those who are more injury-prone as they provide an effective method of non-impact training, taking the strain of ankles and hips in addition to helping with the rehabilitation process.

We work with leading brands like Tunturi to provide a selection of the very best air bikes, all produced to the highest standards using the latest home gym technology.

The large fan at the front of the air bike provides wind resistance which increases in intensity based on how you pedal. This makes air bikes popular with professional athletes, as they provide a great means of providing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) plans, in addition to providing a full-body workout due to non-fixed handles.

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a complete novice, an indoor air bike could be perfect for your home gym. Browse our latest products above or get in touch for more information.