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Best Cold Plunge Tubs

If you are looking to reap the benefits of cold plunging at home and are looking for a cold plunge tub. Chances are you have noticed the wide range of models available which can drastically vary in price, ranging from about £50 up to £3000+.

So if you are looking for the Best Cold Plunge Tub, we have created a list of models that will suit a range of users. From someone looking to try a cold plunge for the first time to a seasoned pro. We will help you find the perfect one for you to unlock the wide range of health benefits of cold water therapy.


At a Glance

Best Cold Plunge Barrel - Polar Recovery Tub

Best Cold Plunge Tub - Polar Recovery Pro Tub

Best Budget Cold Plunge Tub - Smonter Portable Ice Bath


Best Cold Plunge Tub - Our Top Picks

1. Polar Recovery Pro Tub

Polar Recovery Pro Tub


480 Liters


150m (L) x 65cm (W) x 75cm (H)

If you are looking for a large cold plunge tub, you won’t find many bigger than the Polar Recovery Pro Tub which can accommodate up to 2 people.

The materials used in the walls and lid of the tub are similar to what you would find in an inflatable paddleboard. This ensures it has plenty of stability and support and makes it easy for users to get out of the tub as you can use the sides to lift yourself out of the water. 

Polar has also included extra insulation to efficiently maintain cool temperatures, reducing power usage with a chiller or the need for ice, making it energy-efficient.

The water chiller is an optional extra which makes it much more convenient to use regularly by reducing the amount of preparation to use the tub. But the chillers aren’t cheap and add a couple of thousand to the price. But if you are using the tub daily, then it is well worth the investment as it will save you a lot of time.

When it comes to assembling the tub, Polar has included the pump you need to inflate it and it is very quick and easy to complete.

Polar is a family-run small UK-based business with exceptional customer service and rapid delivery. We always try to support UK businesses whenever possible and Polar have a brilliant reputation for high-quality products but also their service can’t be faulted.

So if you want the best of the best for your recovery, then the Polar Recovery Pro tub is one we would recommend.



  • Large size can accommodate up to 2 people.
  • Made from sturdy materials similar to inflatable paddleboards.
  • Good insulation helps keep the tub cool.
  • Optional water chiller.
  • Includes necessary pump for quick and easy assembly.
  • Exceptional customer service and rapid delivery from a reputable UK-based company.


  • High cost, especially when adding the optional chiller, which can significantly increase the overall price.


2. Polar Recovery Tub

Polar Recovery Tub


320 Liters


85cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 75cm (H)

If your budget won’t stretch to the large pro tub, then the Polar Recovery Tub is a great alternative that is more budget-friendly. It is currently the best seller on Amazon in the UK and for good reason.

It comes with the same high-quality craftsmanship we saw in the Pro model. Despite the smaller design, it can accommodate users up to 6 foot 7 inches tall. Plus the 85cm diameter rim ensures you aren’t too cramped while using the tub.

Polar has also included a thermo lid and cover to help keep the tub cool and reduce the amount of ice you will need. Although, we do advise you to keep it out of direct sunlight to try and keep it as cool as possible.

Assembly is straightforward, you simply need to insert the support rods and inflate the rim with the provided hand pump. Additionally, it has a tap at the bottom of the tub so you can easily drain it if you need to.

As we mentioned earlier, Polar is a family-run UK business that provides exceptional customer service, fast delivery and great quality products. There are several tubs on the market that look almost identical but with Polar, you have the extra peace of mind that you are buying from a trustworthy company.

For those seeking a reliable and well-crafted recovery tub without breaking the bank, the Polar Recovery Tub is a fantastic choice.



  • More budget-friendly compared to the larger Pro model.
  • Bestseller on Amazon UK.
  • High-quality
  • Accommodates users up to 6 foot 7 inches tall.
  • Includes a thermo lid and cover.
  • Straightforward assembly.
  • Exceptional customer service, fast delivery, and quality assurance from a family-run UK business.


  • Barrel isn't as spacious as the Pro model.


3. The Cold Pod

The Cold Pod


320 Liters


75cm (L) x 75cm (W) x 75cm (H)

The Cold Pod XL is another standout option in a crowded market with a similar design to Polar's earlier model but has a couple of key differences.

It's another popular choice on Amazon for its affordability, quality construction, and compact size but is also available in two sizes with diameters of 75cm and 90cm.

The 75cm model costs about £100 and meets the needs of most users, but for those who need a bit more space to stretch out, the 90cm diameter version provides valuable extra space and costs about £170.

Its insulated walls and cover help to keep the tub cool between uses, so you won’t need to add too much ice each time you want a dip.

The assembly process is straightforward, requiring only the insertion of supports and inflation of the rim before adding water.

The Cold Pod XL's affordability, ease of use, and extra wide option make it a great choice for anyone looking to add cold plunge therapy into their daily routine.



  • Quality construction for durability.
  • Available in two sizes for versatility. (75cm or 90cm diameter)
  • 90cm barrel is spacious.
  • Insulated walls and cover efficiently maintain cool temperatures.
  • Straightforward assembly.
  • Popular choice on Amazon.


  • The larger 90cm model does come at a higher cost of about £170.


4. PRODIGY X Ice Bath Tub

PRODIGY X Ice Bath Tub


530 Liters


139.7cm (L) x 78.7cm (W) x 76.2m (H)


The PRODIGY X Ice Bath Tub is a premium ice bath that is meant for cold plunge enthusiasts looking for the traditional “tub” shape design.

Its high-quality construction has well-insulated walls and lid, helping to keep the water cool between uses. Plus, the walls are strong enough to support someone's body weight which makes life easier getting in and out of the tub.

While the PRODIGY X comes at a higher price point compared to other options in our list, it has superior build quality and insulation, especially when compared to the standard barrel-shaped designs.

Plus, it also has connectors so you can add on a water chiller if you don’t want the hassle of trying to cool the water down.

Priced slightly above the Polar Recovery Pro, the PRODIGY X ice bath has several similarities but is slightly wider which might make it more appealing to some users.

Overall, it is a brilliant quality ice bath and comes with a price tag to match. But if you are serious about cold plunging then this is a great option.



  • Premium quality construction with well-insulated walls and lid.
  • Traditional tub shape design.
  • Walls are strong enough to support body weight.
  • Includes connectors for the option to add a water chiller.
  • Wide tub for extra space.


  • Higher price tag so will only be suitable to cold plunge enthusiasts.
  • The cost of adding a water chiller (for those who choose this option) further increases the overall investment.


5. Smonter Portable Ice Bath

SMONTER Portable Ice Bath


320 Liters


80cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 75cm (H)

Next up we have a budget-friendly option with the SMONTER Portable Ice Bath which is a great choice for anyone on a tight budget and short on space.

While it lacks the high-quality finish we have seen in the products so far, it costs about 60% less so it is to be expected. Nonetheless, it offers practical features that make it perfect for some users.

A feature we like is the dual drainage options. Firstly there is a side drain valve with a tap so you can easily allow some water out of the tub. Then there is a bottom drain valve to make it easy to empty the tub onto the floor. This is perfect for setups in showers where water can drain directly onto the floor.

Unlike the other models with inflated rims, the SMONTER has a plastic tube within the rim to maintain the structure as the tub fills. Although you will have to be a bit careful when getting out of the tub it can’t support a lot of weight to lift yourself out of the tub.

While the walls have a thin layer of insulation, there is no insulated lid which means it won't keep water cold for extended periods.

However, for those seeking a collapsible and portable ice bath option that's easy to set up and store between uses, especially in confined spaces like a shower, the SMONTER Portable Ice Bath could be the one for you.



  • Budget-friendly, costing about 60% less than higher-end barrel tubs.
  • Dual drainage options with a side drain valve and a bottom drain valve for easy water removal.
  • Collapsible and portable, making it easy to set up and use in confined spaces like showers.


  • Lacks the high-quality finish of more expensive products.
  • The plastic tube within the rim can't support much weight.
  • No insulated lid, so it does not maintain cold water temperatures for extended periods.


6. Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool

Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool


886 Liters


183cm (L) x 183cm (W) x 50cm (H)


The Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool, while not intended to be used as an ice bath, offers a budget-friendly way to try cold water therapy before committing to the more expensive models.

Priced at about £25, this pool is designed for paddling about in your garden, but it is a good makeshift ice bath although it lacks the insulation that ice baths tend to come with.

But if you are just getting started you are likely won’t want to get the pool as cold as possible until your body has gotten used to cold plunging. Although, if you can keep it in a shaded area it stays surprisingly cold.

Nonetheless, it is a large pool that gives you plenty of room to lie out flat making it comfortable to use.

Setting it up is easy; simply inflate the rim and fill it with water.

While it lacks the specific features of more expensive cold plunge tubs, such as insulated walls or a lid, its affordability and versatility make it a "cheap and cheerful" choice for beginners.

There are a range of sizes to choose from but the 6ft x 2ft model is our top choice as it provides plenty of room and won’t take forever to fill with water.



  • Budget-friendly at around £25.
  • Large size provides ample room for stretching out comfortably.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Range of sizes available.


  • Lacks insulation, requiring more ice in warmer months.
  • Not designed specifically as an ice bath.


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At Home Gym Supply, our team is constantly searching for the latest equipment to improve health and wellness. So with the recent interest in Cold water therapy, we took the opportunity to research and test a wide range of cold plunge tubs.

It was obvious from the beginning that there are a lot of copycat brands on the market so it was important to ensure the quality, durability, and customer service offered by the brands available in the UK.

At Home Gym Supply we are fortunate that we get to work with a wide range of manufacturers which allows us to see how the companies communicate first hand.

We also make every effort to stay up to date on the latest products by attending events such as FIBO which gives manufacturers the chance to showcase all the new releases.

As a result, we regularly update our list to include any new additions we feel are worth considering.


Rounding Up

We hope our handpicked list of cold plunge tubs has helped you find an ice bath that caters to your needs no matter your preference or budget.

Whether you are trying cold plunge therapy for the first time or a regular, we hope you enjoy the experience and take full advantage of the wide range of benefits.